I'm using "ALTER SEQUENCE sequence OWNED BY table.column" to change sequence association in Postgres. Is there a way to view this new information using \ds or something similar? \ds still shows the table owner as the sequence owner.


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SELECT c.relname,u.usename 
  FROM pg_class c, pg_user u
 WHERE c.relowner = u.usesysid and c.relkind = 'S'
   AND relnamespace IN (
                        SELECT oid
                          FROM pg_namespace
                         WHERE nspname NOT LIKE 'pg_%'
                           AND nspname != 'information_schema'

OWNED BY table.column changes the associated column; OWNER TO newowner changes the role which owns the sequence. The owner role is what is displayed in \ds. I don't know a psql command to see the linked column of a sequence. OWNED BY is primary used to cascade a delete of the associated sequence when the referent column is removed.

You can get visibility into the owned by column by constructing a query against the system catalog tables pg_class, pg_depend, and pg_attribute. I'm not sure of all the exact semantics of pg_depend, but this query should show you a sequence's column dependency:

select tab.relname as tabname, attr.attname as column
from pg_class as seq
join pg_depend as dep on (seq.relfilenode = dep.objid)
join pg_class as tab on (dep.refobjid = tab.relfilenode)
join pg_attribute as attr on (attr.attnum = dep.refobjsubid and attr.attrelid = dep.refobjid)
where seq.relname = 'sequence';
  • this query is not 100% correct - there should be appended a constraint - dep.classid = 1259 Nov 10, 2017 at 10:44

Yuri Levinsky's answer modified to include the namespace column:

SELECT n.nspname, c.relname, u.usename
FROM pg_class c
INNER JOIN pg_user u ON c.relowner = u.usesysid
INNER JOIN pg_namespace n ON c.relnamespace = n.oid
WHERE c.relkind = 'S'
  AND n.nspname NOT LIKE 'pg_%'
  AND n.nspname != 'information_schema'
ORDER BY 1, 2, 3;

Would you also be able to change the owner on the sequences to zeus_eucus where the owner is postgres ? Otherwise I’m unable to modify them.

--list all the database sequences:

SELECT * FROM pg_sequences;

--Changing sequenceowner of a sequence:

$ ALTER SEQUENCE <schema_name>.<sequence_name> OWNERTO <new_name>;

  • pg_sequences does not exist on older postgresql.
    – Eric
    Jul 12 at 14:13

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