I'm trying to implement scripting capability to my application. I'm using the code below. Whenever I instantiate a new Api object, the application is supposed to quit (a little testing thing :p)

However, the application crashes at script.AddObject(...) with the error Specified cast is not valid. Is there a step I'm missing here?

public class ApiExposed
    public string ModuleName;

    public void Exit()
public class Api
    ScriptControlClass script;
    ApiExposed ApiObj;

    public Api()
        ApiObj = new ApiExposed();

        script = new ScriptControlClass();
        script.Language = "VBScript";
        script.AddObject("tbapi", (object)ApiObj, true);


My guess is, the ApiExposed class is not COM visible - it will need to be in order for VBScript to interact with it.


I had similar problems to this.

Make sure you use [ComVisible(true)] on the class and methods. Also, make your class PUBLIC!

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