I am using django's core.mail package in conjunction with django-registration for a new user sign up workflow. I have an email account, "no-reply@(mycompany).com" through my company's google mail service, that i want to use to send these emails. In the google mail account settings i set the name for the email account as "(MyCompany) Support" so that if I mail directly from google mail, the emails come in from the account as being from "(MyCompany) Support ". However, when i use django's email settings to send mail, the emails show up in a client's email box as being from "no-reply" which is ugly and may be a bit off-putting to a new client. Is there a way to specify a "Name" for an email address when sending using django's built-in mailer so that the see the "Name" displayed when they get the email?

Here are my current settings in settings.py:


You can use

"(MyCompany) Support <no-reply@mycompany.com>"

as the from address in the call to send_mail.


Those solutions are useful if you're using django's email package directly. However, i didn't want to look for a hook to override the way that django-registration uses send_mail so I found the following setting when going through the django files, which lets you set a default from email.

 DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL='(My Company) Support <no-reply@mycompany.com>' 

and it worked!

Figured someone else may find it useful, although i'm not so pretentious as to mark my own answer as correct.

  • Looks like you can put the same value in for SERVER_EMAIL as well! – Sahas Katta Jun 24 '12 at 1:36

You can use ADMINS and MANAGERS tuples in setting.py. E.g.:

ADMINS = (('Your Name', 'email@company.com),)

And then:

django.core.email.mail_managers('subject', 'body')

DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL='(My Company) Support '

Helped me to solve the issue.

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