I want to be able to enter data into an android phone phone through the browser using jquery mobile or other? Then want it to sync to a PC database later for querying. I looked at couchdb for other applications a couple of years ago and got on with futon etc fine. I wondered whether it was up to the problem I'm trying to solve now. So far found mobilefuton, android mobilefuton and pouchdb. Is mobilefuton a web app or is data stored locally? Will not have net connection at point of data entry. I don't want to code in java so guess android mobile futon out. pouchdb looks promising.

Any thoughts?

Forgive me for saying there seems to be an apparent lack of documentation / examples for some of the above. Maybe it's just the level I'm coming at it.

Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks.

Mobile Futon is a CouchApp. It resides in the Couchbase instance on the device and is served from it to the WebView.

To answer your question. You won't need a data connection to use Mobile Futon even though it is a kind of web app.

Now to PouchDB. Here is a short cite of Dale Harvey's article Why PouchDB? CouchDB in the browser describing it in short.

PouchDB is a Portable CouchDB, it is a near complete implementation of Apache CouchDB that runs natively in the browser using IndexedDB as its storage mechanism, it has the same data model as CouchDB, the same conflict resolution and most importantly, it replicates with CouchDB.

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