Hey guys I'm having a problem creating the following SQL Statement using LINQ & C#

    select c.IDAddenda, c.Descripcion
      from CatAddendas c 
right join EmpresaAddenda e on e.IDAddenda = c.IDAddenda
     where e.rfc = 'SUL010720JN8'
  order by c.IDAddenda asc

I got this

public IEnumerable<CatAddenda> TraeAddendas(string rfc)
    DataClasses1DataContext dc = new DataClasses1DataContext(...);

    return (from adds in dc.EmpresaAddendas
            cats.IDAddenda    into joined 
            where adds.RFC == rfc
            select adds.CatAddenda);

This is not doing a right join, so any ideas?

 var RightJoin = from adds in dc.EmpresaAddendas
                 join cats in CatAddendas 
                     on adds.IDAddenda equals cats.IDAddenda into joined
                 from cats in joined.DefaultIfEmpty()
                 select new
                     Id = cats.IDAddenda,
                     Description = cats.Descripcion 
var results = from e in EmpresaAddenda
              join c in CatAddendas
              on e.IDAddenda equals c.IDAddenda into f
              from c in f.DefaultIfEmpty()
              select new
                   ID = c.IDAddenda,
                   Description = c.Descripcion 

You can apply where and order by on the results.

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