I would like to load an existing XPS document and compress it additionally. Looking into MSDN it seems that .NET allows for setting the compression and interleaving however i was unable to find out how to apply those settings to an existing document.


Here's the simplest answer: XPS is simply a zip.

Manually you can rename your file from something.xps to something.zip, extract the contents, recompress the contents at a higher compression level, rename the file back again - you just need to make sure that the zip tool you are using doesn't end up putting everything within a sub-directory within the zip.

Or you could do with scripting or code.

If you want to reduce the file even more then have a look at my codeproject article.

The code attached to it is built around manipulating the output from the "XPS printer driver", however most of the ideas in it should yield a lot of useful options for you to use to compress a file.

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