I have a .mat file that I want to open and see its contents. Since I don't have MATLAB, I downloaded GNU's Octave. I'm working on Mac's terminal so I'm not exactly sure how to open the .mat file to see its contents.

How to do this?


Not sure which version of .mat file you might have, or whether Octave keeps up with the latest Matlab formats.

Here's a link that might be a good start.

Bottom line is that you can say: load MyMatFile.mat right at the Octave prompt.

In case you wind up having to write code to read the .mat file ever: I've done this before and it was not difficult, but was time-consuming. Mat file format for 2012a

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    To be clear, using File > Open > abc.mat did not work for me, but using the load command did.
    – JakeStrang
    Dec 3 '18 at 8:07

If your file contains only numbers, no .mat header, then this should work:

variable = load("filename")

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