I need to override Backbone.sync to allow PUT the problem is i don't know how and where to put it.

This is my Model:

], function(_, Backbone) {
var Input = Backbone.Model.extend({
url: 'http://localhost/InterprisePOS/SOP/mobilecreateinvoice/',
initialize: function(){

toJSON : function() {
  return _.clone({ input:this.attributes });

return Input;

This is my Save function in my view:

save: function(){
    invoice = new Invoice();
    input = new Input();
    invoice.set({POSWorkstationID: "POS7"});
    invoice.set({POSClerkID: "admin"});
    invoice.set({CustomerName: "Alice in Wonderland Tours"});
    invoice.set({IsFreightOverwrite: true});
    invoice.set({BillToCode: "CUST-000009"});
    InvoiceCollection.add( invoice );
    //var invoices = JSON.stringify({Invoices: InvoiceCollection.toJSON()});
    _.each(this.collection.models, function(cart){
        InvoiceDetailCollection.add( cart );
    input.set({ "Invoices": InvoiceCollection.toJSON() });
    input.set({ "InvoiceDetails": InvoiceDetailCollection});
    alert( JSON.stringify(input.toJSON()) );

The default Backbone sync handler maps CRUD to REST like the following:

  • create → POST /collection
  • read → GET /collection[/id]
  • update → PUT /collection/id
  • delete → DELETE /collection/id

Sometimes older servers emulate HTTP by mimicking the HTTP method with _method and X-HTTP-Method-Override header. If that is the case, you should set Backbone.emulateHTTP to true

If you want custom mappings, then you would need to override Backbone.sync. An example of overriding could be like the following:

Backbone.sync = function(method, model, options, error) {

  // Backwards compatibility with Backbone <= 0.3.3
  if (typeof options == 'function') {
    options = {
      success: options,
      error: error

  var resp = function(resp) {
    if (resp.status) {
      options.success(method != 'read' ? model : resp.data);
    else {
      options.error('Record not found ' + resp.data);

  var store = model.customStorage || model.collection.customStorage;

  switch (method) {
    case 'read':    model.id ? store.read({id: model.id}, resp) : store.readAll(resp); break;
    case 'create':  store.create(model.attributes, resp); break;
    case 'update':  store.update(model.attributes, resp); break;
    case 'delete':  store.delete(model.id, resp); break;

Where customStorage is your implementation, it could be anything you want that respects the methods I created. Some time ago, I created a backbone sync override for HTML5 WebSQL Storage, it is open sourced located on GitHub https://github.com/mohamedmansour/backbone.webStorage

I hope this helps you get started! Good Luck!

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  • wait. where should i edit inorder to override the backbone.sync? and how should i call it on my view? Thank you – jongbanaag Mar 29 '12 at 3:06
  • You are replacing Backbone.sync, notice the "Backbone.sync =", so you should place that after you include Backbone library. – Mohamed Mansour Mar 29 '12 at 3:10
  • sorry, but i would just like to clarify. since put is already enabled. Is it necessary for me to override the backbone.sync? if i want to use PUT can i use something like this? how would i call it? – jongbanaag Mar 29 '12 at 3:17
  • Well, if only you need PUT, Backbone already provides PUT since the default sync handler maps CRUD to REST . so all you do is update the model. – Mohamed Mansour Mar 29 '12 at 3:20
  • So just call myModel.update it will execute a PUT by default on your server. – Mohamed Mansour Mar 29 '12 at 3:22

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