if (webBrowser1.Url.AbsoluteUri == "www.google.com")
            label9.Text = webBrowser1.Url.AbsoluteUri;

This is my current code. When I press the button to run this I get the error.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

And I don't know why it does that or how to fix it. Any help will be great.

Also It have to work in a timer so that it can be checked.

  • Provide some details: type of exception, line number. Where do you call the code above (event handler, constructor) ? – default locale Mar 29 '12 at 11:29

probably your webBrowser1.Url is null try below to get url

    string url = "";
    if (webBrowser1.Url != null)
        url = webBrowser1.Url.AbsoluteUri;
    if (url == "www.google.com")
        label9.Text = url;
  • Really a bad solution man... – walther Mar 29 '12 at 11:35

The Url Property will remain null untill the control is rendered so use this:

private void webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e) {
     if (webBrowser1.Url.ToString() == "www.google.com") {
          label9.Text = webBrowser1.Url.ToString();

And in your button Click event add:

webBrowser1.DocumentCompleted += new WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventHandler(webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted);
  • how would i implement that into a timer? – Ian Lundberg Mar 29 '12 at 11:33
  • In your button click event handler register DocumentCompleted – ionden Mar 29 '12 at 11:35

Well you didn't set any url (no page is loaded inside the web browser). You could try this:

webBrowser1.Url = new Uri("http://www.google.com", UriKind.Absolute);

And get the url this way: webBrowser1.Url.ToString();

Wait for the page to load and the press then button.


I thought id comment on this, I literally took your


and in my case im using a combotextbox so Double click your browser form and it will take you to the even handler, i just put

"combobox1.text= webBrowser1.Url.AbsoluteUri;"

and it works for me now. You got me on the time, but whatever you need to check, check for the combobox1.text or whatever you are using for your url's


if your browser1 is chromiumwebbrowser, then use

    string url = browser1.Address;

call the url and you will get it.

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