I have 70 layers in a photoshop file. I need to move X vertically, one after the other. So they'd look like:

>>Layer 1<<
>>Layer 2<<
>>Layer 3<<

Instead of just being stacked on top of each other. Not sure how to do this? Ideally, I should just specify an amount in pixels to Transform up.


A layer seems only be able to move with delta.

To move by delta use the MyLayer.transform(DeltaX,DeltaY); where MyLayer is a reference to the artLayer you want to move. The unit of DeltaX and DeltaY are the same as your Ruler in photoshop.

I wrote this little function to move a layer to an absolute position. I hope this will be of some use to you...

// Author: Max Kielland
// Moves layer fLayer to the absolute
// position fX,fY. The unit of fX and fY is
// the same as the ruler setting. 

function MoveLayerTo(fLayer,fX,fY) {

  var Position = fLayer.bounds;
  Position[0] = fX - Position[0];
  Position[1] = fY - Position[1];


Thanks a lot for this! Because of this tip I managed to complete a script that downloads/places (thousands of) map tiles... couldn't have done it without you ; )

I am new to 'Photoscripting' so I'd like to point out something (now obvious) that may also take other newbies than I a while to get: if you've calculated your 'fX' and 'fY' input through some mathematical means, be careful to explicitly add the unit you are using to your input number, otherwise you'll be placing things all over the place (waaaaaay off the canvas in my case ; P ).

Like this:

 MoveLayerTo(myLayerRef, myX + "px", myY + "px").

Thanks a lot again, and cheers!

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