Im new to MySql, and I need to insert into table 10000 random 2-digit numbers. Is there Easy way to to this?


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Use RAND() as described here. For generating 2-digit random numbers between 10 and 99, use FLOOR(10 + (RAND() * 90)).

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    I used your formula in my answer. +1 for you so I can avoid copyright infringement !!! Mar 29, 2012 at 23:32

Try this:

CREATE PROCEDURE random_fill( IN cnt INT )

    fold: LOOP

         IF cnt < 1 THEN
             LEAVE fold;
         END IF;

        INSERT INTO foo ( bar ) VALUES ( 9 + CEIL( RAND() * 90 ) );

        SET cnt = cnt - 1;
    END LOOP fold;


To use this:

CALL random_fill(10000);

What you have to change is this line:

INSERT INTO foo ( bar ) VALUES ( CEIL( RAND() * higher ) );

Replace the foo and bar with something that exists in your database. It is possible to create a procedure, where the name of table and row are also supplied as parameters, but that would require to CONCAT the query on fly .. looks hack'ish and ugly.

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    I would recommend putting a transaction in there. Without it, 100K inserts timed out 22k, with it, 100K took 4.047 seconds on my dev machine. Sep 6, 2016 at 1:36

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