I have a busybox embedded device that provides http services with its built-in httpd. I want to provide https to improve its security, therefore I want to use openssl (or a similar software) with busybox httpd. On the internet there are a lot of tutorial for apache, tomcat and so on, but I'm not using these. What should I do?

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Busybox httpd does not support SSL; however, Stunnel can be used with it to provide SSL encryption. Stunnel acts as a "wrapper" which can be used to provide SSL encryption for services which do not support it natively.

An example: 4MLInux Server (a linux distro) uses httpd from Busybox, and Stunnel is used for the "https" protocol. More info can be found at freecode. An online demo is available here: http://server.4mlinux.com. (this example is from an editor via the stackexchange edit suggestion system)


Busybox's httpd doesn't support SSL. You can look at the source code for the HTTP server and see that there are no hooks for SSL at all.

You'll have to use a different web server, like mini httpd.

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