Content of profile.xml:

  <file folder="CaptureServer" filename="CSConfig" object="CSConfig">
    <Profile name="BBH1200Kofax">
  <file folder="CaptureServices3" filename="CSConfig" object="CSConfig">
    <Profile name="BBH1200Kofax">
      <CaptureServerUrl />
      <OutputCache />
        <UserName />
        <Domain />

Content of rules.xml:

<file folder="" filename="Rules" object="ArrayOfIBarcodeRule">
  <Profile name="Test471">

I am trying to add the entire contents of rules.xml (the file node) as another node in profile.xml. As you can see, there are a bunch of other file nodes in the profile.xml, and the rules.xml would be another one.

This is the code I have tried, and it does not seem to do anything:

$xml = [xml](Get-Content ".\profile.xml")
$newxml = [xml](Get-Content ".\rules.xml")
$xml.ImportNode($newxml.get_DocumentElement(), $true)

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You're really close but ImportNode only makes a copy and doesn't actually insert the copied nodes into the document. Try this:

$newNode = $newxml.ImportNode($xml.get_DocumentElement(), $true)

Content of 1.xml


Content of 2.xml



$oXML = [xml](Get-Content "1.xml")
$oNewXml = [xml](Get-Content "2.xml")
$oNewNode = $oXML.ImportNode($oNewXml.get_DocumentElement(), $true)

This Works fine for me


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