I am clipping an image into triangular shape via canvas, now I want to add a dropshadow outside of it. How to go about it?

canvas1_img.src = "images/postcard.jpg";

var canvas_wd = 1600;
var canvas_ht = 1000;
var y1 = 330;
var y2 = 682;

canvas1.moveTo(0, y1);
canvas1.lineTo(0, y2);
canvas1.lineTo(canvas_wd, canvas_ht);
canvas1.lineTo(canvas_wd, 0);


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Do this right around canvas1.clip()

also, rather than calling it canvas1, you should call it ctx, or context, since it's not a canvas, it's a context, right?

ctx.shadowOffsetX = 2; // Sets the shadow offset x, positive number is right
ctx.shadowOffsetY = 2; // Sets the shadow offset y, positive number is down
ctx.shadowBlur = 4; // Sets the shadow blur size
ctx.shadowColor = 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6)'; // Sets the shadow color
ctx.fillStyle = 'none'

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