i am sending live rtmp stream to wowza server with a live application config but everytime i connect to the stream for watching the live stream, its start from the beginning of the stream. I can see wowza is creating bigger and bigger file in /content directory and this file will everytime be played from the beginning.

How can i say wowza to send it live, like send the last 10 seconds of the file?

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Follow these instructions to create a live stream and broadcasting it

Go to the Wowza Media Server Directory. Probably it is /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer

cd applications;mkdir live

Here live is your application name

cd ../conf;mkdir live;cp Application.xml live/

Now edit the Application.xml file

cd live;vim Application.xml

Change the stream type default to live


set HTTPStreamers


set LiveStreamPacketizers to

cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer, sanjosestreamingpacketizer

set Playmethod


Now go to your browser and open the player


Server : rtmp://;1935/live Stream :

Note * : For live streaming you have to use an encoder ( Adobe Flash media Live Encoder , etc )

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You'll probably have more luck asking this question on the Wowza forums, where their support team regularly addresses these questions. You'll need to provide more information:

  • What is your input (camera, flash media encoder, file)?
  • Can you stream VOD?
  • A large file building in the content directory sounds like you may be recording the stream. Do you have any add-ons such as the live stream recorder installed?
  • What url are you using to connect?
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  • I have asked the ppls in the wowza forum. I just put my application.xml in the wrong directory, it should be {wowza dir}/conf/live/application.xml not {wowza dir}/applications/live/application.xml ... now its running fine. thx – Chris Apr 23 '12 at 9:17

Well that answer is simple. You set the wrong stream type in the config.

I guess you set rtp-live-record instead of rtp-live that should fix it.

Kind Regards, Sui

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