I have this html:

<div id="top">
<div id="potato"></div>
<div id="bottom">
<div id="potato"></div>

I am trying to use JQuery to access the bottom potato div, and none of the following work.

$('#top #potato').html('Russet');
$('#bottom #potato').html('Red');

$('#top > #potato').html('Russet');
$('#bottom > #potato').html('Red');


All of these just modify the top div and not the bottom one. How do I modify the bottom div?

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    @Matthew Is there answer here? Why don't you follow your question?
    – aiternal
    Feb 4, 2011 at 22:40

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All elements must have unique IDs, in this case you may use the class attribute, so that you have

<div class="potato" />

Which you may access like this:

$('#bottom > .potato').html('Idaho');
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    Doesn't work if you're using variables, eg: $(a > b), It only for CSS selector statements. The $(a).find(b) syntax is more reliable for multiple situations.
    – John Suit
    Dec 2, 2014 at 15:43

I just ran into this problem. Although it's true you shouldn't have two items with the same ID, it happens.

To get the div you want, this is what works for me:


For one thing you can not have an element that has the same id as another. Id is unique, but class names can be used as many times as you want

<div id="top">
 <div id="potato1"></div>
 <div id="bottom">
 <div id="potato2"></div>

jquery as so:

 $("#potato2").html('Idaho'); //if you're going to name it with an id, 
  //  that's all the selector you need

What you posted and said doesn't work seems to work to me.

$('#top #potato').addClass('Russet');
$('#bottom #potato').addClass('Red');



no need to put classes on everything, but you should have unique id's for everything. That aside, try this:

$("#bottom + div").html('Idaho');

Try this:

$("#bottom #potato").html('Idaho');


$("#bottom #potato:last").html('Idaho');

your HTML is not valid, since you have non-unique ids


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