I'm trying to integrate with Twitter using their OAuth API. I have downloaded and tried the CF implementation here: http://oauth.riaforge.org/ with no success. Anyone have a simple CF to Twitter OAuth example for authorizing a user, getting a token, and using it?

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ColdFusion plays really nice with java. What I did is simply use the twitter4j lib (http://yusuke.homeip.net/twitter4j/en/index.html#introduction) to handle everything. Works like a charm, and is far more comprehensive that you'd ever dream of writing yourself. Plus, it's free.

I'd try that before I went banging my head against the wall trying to deal with signing oauth requests and reinventing the wheel.


checkout this post my colleague wrote - the twitter 4j library recently change in the 2.2 update and the class is now an interface, so you have to modify the code a bit...



Could try this one, but I didn't try it myself yet to know if it works any better than the one on RIA Forge. I just found it while digging around.


It looks like RPX also supports OAuth, but again, I haven't tried it personally. I am using them for an OpenID implementation, and they work great.


  • Thanks, but the the google code link is the same as the one on RIAForge.
    – Dave Hoff
    Jun 16, 2009 at 4:07
  • According to the official OAuth site, the two projects are the same, simply multiply hosted.
    – Ben Doom
    Nov 16, 2009 at 19:58

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