It seems to only work on files. Or am I doing something wrong?

I tried backing a user folder (C:\Users\XXX) in Vista, which has a bunch of hidden/system folders. I used /XA:SHT

The folder 'AppData' is 'hidden' but NOT 'system', so it was not excluded.
Other special folders were 'hidden' AND 'system', and they were excluded. But I am not sure it was because of the /XA:SHT switch I used or some other reason, like permissions.

So, my question is, does /XA applies to directories also, or files only? I hope I don't have to manually enter all the special folders with the /XD switch.


According to the documentation /XA does only apply to files.

eXclude files with any of the given Attributes

And just to be sure - I have just tested with Robocopy on Windows 8 RTM and the flag /XA:SH does not make Robocopy ignore hidden directories.

I'm also using Robocopy to do regular backup of my user directory, and to exclude directory junction points ( like My Music ) I use the /XJD flag. Also, to avoid AppData getting copied I use the /XD flag.

My complete list of arguments looks like this: /MIR /FFT /Z /XA:SH /R:0 /LOG+:path\to\logfile.txt /TEE /XJD /NP /XD AppData

For argument reference, please see the documentation.

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    I put in a feature request using the Windows 10 "Windows Feedback" app. If you open Windows Feedback and search for "robocopy exclude system directories", it should be at the top of the list. Please upvote it, and maybe we can get Microsoft to make robocopy all the more robust. – Mark McClelland Mar 23 '16 at 8:45

You can try to use the /XD parameter in order to exclude a directory based on a pattern. I've found that using /XD *. excludes directories with dots. I combine it with XA:SH in order to also exclude hidden files.

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