I have a json stream which can be something like :



or something like



In my Java code I do the following:

JSONObject json = RestManager.getJSONfromURL(myuri); // retrieve the entire json stream     
JSONArray  interventionJsonArray = json.getJSONArray("intervention");

In the first case, the above doesn't work because there is only one element in the stream.. How do I check if the stream is an object or an array ?

I tried with json.length() but it didn't work..



Something like this should do it:

JSONObject json;
Object     intervention;
JSONArray  interventionJsonArray;
JSONObject interventionObject;

json = RestManager.getJSONfromURL(myuri); // retrieve the entire json stream     
Object intervention = json.get("intervention");
if (intervention instanceof JSONArray) {
    // It's an array
    interventionJsonArray = (JSONArray)intervention;
else if (intervention instanceof JSONObject) {
    // It's an object
    interventionObject = (JSONObject)intervention;
else {
    // It's something else, like a string or number

This has the advantage of getting the property value from the main JSONObject just once. Since getting the property value involves walking a hash tree or similar, that's useful for performance (for what it's worth).


Maybe a check like this?

JSONObject intervention = json.optJSONObject("intervention");

This returns a JSONObject or null if the intervention object is not a JSON object. Next, do this:

JSONArray interventions;
if(intervention == null)

This will return you an array if it's a valid JSONArray or else it will give null.


To make it simple, you can just check first string from server result.

String result = EntityUtils.toString(httpResponse.getEntity()); //this function produce JSON
String firstChar = String.valueOf(result.charAt(0));

if (firstChar.equalsIgnoreCase("[")) {
    //json array
    //json object

This trick is just based on String of JSON format {foo : "bar"} (object) or [ {foo : "bar"}, {foo: "bar2"} ] (array)

      Object valueObj = uiJSON.get(keyValue);
        if (valueObj instanceof JSONObject) {
            this.parseJSON((JSONObject) valueObj);
        } else if (valueObj instanceof JSONArray) {
            this.parseJSONArray((JSONArray) valueObj);
        } else if(keyValue.equalsIgnoreCase("type")) {
            this.addFlagKey((String) valueObj);

// ITERATE JSONARRAY private void parseJSONArray(JSONArray jsonArray) throws JSONException { for (Iterator iterator = jsonArray.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) { JSONObject object = (JSONObject) iterator.next(); this.parseJSON(object); } }


I haven't tryied it, but maybe...

JsonObject jRoot = RestManager.getJSONfromURL(myuri); // retrieve the entire json stream
JsonElement interventionElement = jRoot.get("intervention");
JsonArray interventionList = new JsonArray();

if(interventionElement.isJsonArray()) interventionList.addAll(interventionElement.getAsJsonArray());
else interventionList.add(interventionElement);

If it's a JsonArray object, just use getAsJsonArray() to cast it. If not, it's a single element so just add it.

Anyway, your first exemple is broken, you should ask server's owner to fix it. A JSON data structure must be consistent. It's not just because sometime intervention comes with only 1 element that it doesn't need to be an array. If it has only 1 element, it will be an array of only 1 element, but still must be an array, so that clients can parse it using always the same schema.

    //returns boolean as true if it is JSONObject else returns boolean false 
public static boolean returnBooleanBasedOnJsonObject(Object jsonVal){
        boolean h = false;
        try {
            JSONObject j1=(JSONObject)jsonVal;
        } catch (Exception e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block
   if(e.toString().contains("org.json.simple.JSONArray cannot be cast to     org.json.simple.JSONObject")){
        return h;


You can get the Object of the input string by using below code.

String data = "{ ... }";
Object json = new JSONTokener(data).nextValue();
if (json instanceof JSONObject)
 //do something for JSONObject
else if (json instanceof JSONArray)
 //do something for JSONArray

Link: https://developer.android.com/reference/org/json/JSONTokener#nextValue

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