Im working on a app that generates large files (100Mb+) that I would like to upload to a web server.

By loading the file in to a NSData object that will kill the app due to memory usage (which is the only way I see in the AFNetworking docs), is there any other way to send the file together with maybe 10 other form fields?

Thanks in advance

  • did you get any solution for this? – Iducool Jan 28 '13 at 5:22
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    Can't believe this question attracts so many link-only answers. Also, even with multipart form request, they will still be affected by network timeout (screen may be timed out & locked up as well). In short, all the answers at this moment are NOT the answer. – Raptor Oct 28 '14 at 2:45

I believe you'll need to create an NSMutableURLRequest and set the HTTPBodyStream on it as recommended here:


I haven't tried that way but it looks like you'll probably have to assemble the multipart upload format yourself in that case.


upload large file using AFNetworking you need to use

- (NSMutableURLRequest *)multipartFormRequestWithMethod:(NSString *)method
                                                   path:(NSString *)path
                                             parameters:(NSDictionary *)parameters
                              constructingBodyWithBlock:(void (^)(id <AFMultipartFormData> "        formData))block;

of AFHttpClient

or you can check this link for your custom implementation look for PostController :


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