What I'm looking to do is hide only the popups that show what key you are currently pressing while using a soft keyboard. Is this possible? I am creating my own new keyboard which will have no need for them.

From what I think I understand, the picture below is the actual popup keyboard that you can choose to show using android:popupKeyboard and android:popupCharacters in the Keyboard.Key XML.

Popup Android Keyboards

But the image below is not the same (also see this picture). Is there a way to turn the following off, using XML or even programmatically?

Android Keyboard Popups

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After reading a little bit of the actual android keyboard source code:

What I was referring to was the "key preview", which is "a popup that shows a magnified version of the depressed key." By default the preview is enabled, but to disable it, simply enough, is setPreviewEnabled(boolean previewEnabled). Which is a method from the KeyboardView class. API.

  • hi @Whymarrh if you have developed on your own, I am also working on softkeyboard where i am facing problem, where i want to display multiple characters on one key as shown in your above first keyboard q below 1. I have tried upon me to display multiple/multiline characters on key using label then i got output as shown this link "puu.sh/4Xmz1.png". So can you please guide how to display multiple characters on key... – Aniket Oct 23 '13 at 14:10
  • @Aniket you can see my full source code online on GitHub: git.io/mM7pPQ. You can try using Unicode characters to display what you need on the key, as per this file: git.io/SXo3GA. – Whymarrh Oct 23 '13 at 19:34
  • It worked for me. I just had to use the method "setPreviewEnabled(boolean)" from the "KeyboardView" class. – V_J Jul 24 '15 at 13:05
public void onPress(int primaryCode) {

public void onRelease(int primaryCode) {
    mInputView.setPreviewEnabled(true); //Change to false if you want remove too for the Del key when it's pressed

Additionally, To get the view and universally disable the preview from within a custom class extending InputMethodService

    private KeyboardView mInputView;
    public KeyboardView onCreateInputView() {
        mInputView = (KeyboardView)getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.keyboard, null);
        mInputView .setPreviewEnabled(false);
        return mInputView;

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