I made this simple function to filter the data. I add the symbols that I allow to be included but I dont know how to add / symbol as well

public function filter($text)
     return preg_replace('/[^^a-zA-Z0-9#@:_(),.!@" ]/','',$text);

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You can either escape it with a backslash:

preg_replace('/\//' ...);

Or use other characters as delimiters:

preg_replace('|/|' ...);
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    personally i like using # as delimiter, you almost never need it. Apr 3, 2012 at 17:13

Simply escape the character with a backslash.

public function filter($text)
     return preg_replace('/[^^a-zA-Z0-9#@:_(),.!@"\/ ]/','',$text);

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