for an application i'm writing, i need to change some parameters of the network adapter, including enabling/disabling DHCP. For this purpose, i'm using the "SetIpConfig" command from this source code:


It works very well and does what i need if the network adapter is connected. The problem is that i cannot enable DHCP if the LAN cable is unplugged, while i can correctly change other parameters such as IP or Gateway. When i try to enable dhcp, while network adapter is disconnected, i get the ole error:

94 Path, file, or object not found

I think it should work anyway, even if the network card is disconnected, because i can do this correctly, going into the network card/ip properties window (using XP).



as that guy did, i tried to change directly the register keys to activate the DHCP but, even if on the network adapter properties, the value was changed correctly, the NIC behaved like nothing was changed, like the changes were not "applied" to it.

Here another topic related:


They suggest to disable dhcpsense putting a key into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters named DisableDHCPMediaSense (DWORD) and setting it to 1.

Ok..it works now, i didn't try the full dhcp functionality, just i've seen that it can be enabled with nic unplugged but, as someone wrote, i don't think disabling dhcp sense is a great idea. It means that the dhcp client cannot know the connection status, so i think that it could have troubles in renewing leases if the connection drops, then is estabilished again.

OS: XP SP3 Language:DelphiXE

What's wrong ? Many thanks.

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This it seems a WMI limitation (or bug?) when the device is disconnected (sometime ago I saw similar reports in another forums as well). As workaround and just for this particular case (when the device is not connected) you can try using the undocumented DhcpNotifyConfigChange function or using directly the windows registry

  • Ok, it works! you have first to change the registry entries for your adapter, then invoking DhcpNotifyConfigChange to 'apply' the changes done into the registry. The good thing is that it seems much faster than using WMI, the bad is that it is an undocumented function. It would be better that Microsoft make WMI to work correctly.
    – Drugoi_mir
    Apr 4, 2012 at 9:02

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