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Is there any way to combine LIKE and IN in SQL? [duplicate]

Right now I have the following SQL: select MAX(score) as score, title from ( select 2 as score, title from tableName WHERE title LIKE '%railway employee%' union select 1 as score, title from ...
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Check if a group of values is contained in a column in SQL Server [duplicate]

I'm trying to check if a certain column has something like: SELECT Id, CASE CHARINDEX(Name,'Value A') WHEN 0 THEN '0' ELSE '1' END FROM TABLE This works for testing Value A; now I want to ...
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MySQL like with IN clause [duplicate]

Is it possible to extend a LIKE expression with an IN clause? At the moment I got the following SQL: select * from SECURITY_PERMISSION permission where permission.PERMISSION_ID like '%_10498_%' and ...
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selecting LIKE value IN subquery [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: MySQL LIKE IN()? I have 2 tables atm_name_initials (initial) KS FW GE SD atm_tasks_dit (task_name,task_given_to) task1 KS task2 GE task3 GE/SD Now i want to SELECT all ...
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MySQL - SELECT w/ php WHERE a field LIKE any element of an array [duplicate]

I'm using php and MySQL to display some result to a dynamic website. Now here's an array (generated depends on different input): $myarr = array('aaa','bbb','ccc',...) I want to test in MySQL if ...
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What is right syntax of write query with LIke and Any Operator? [duplicate]

I am creating a application in node and sequelize, i run the function that generate the query like below SELECT `id`, `product_title`, `product_size`, `product_author`, `description`, `...
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How do you use a variable in a regular expression?

I would like to create a String.replaceAll() method in JavaScript and think using a regex would be the most terse way to do it. However, I can't figure out how to pass a variable into a regex. I can ...
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MySQL SELECT LIKE or REGEXP to match multiple words in one record

The field contains 'Stylus Photo 2100' and with the following query SELECT `name` FROM `table` WHERE `name` LIKE '%Stylus 2100%' I get no results. Of course i would if i searched SELECT `...
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'LIKE ('%this%' OR '%that%') and something=else' not working

I have a select query where I am trying to search strings for multiple patterns LIKE ('%this%' or '%that%' ) and something=else Returns zero results However LIKE '%this%' and something=else ...
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Array in Mysql WHERE LIKE?

I need to SELECT with array list. $array_name contains: Array ( [0] => [1] => [2] => [3] => [4] => ) print_r($array_name); $string = ...
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How to SELECT using both wildcards (LIKE) and array (IN)?

In SQL, if you want to perform a SELECT with a wildcard, you'd use: SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE field_name LIKE '%value%' If you wanted to use an array of possible values, you'd use: SELECT * ...
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Is there a way to combine IN and LIKE in MySQL?

I'm currently running a query like this: SELECT * FROM email WHERE email_address LIKE 'ajones@%' OR email_address LIKE 'bsmith@%' OR email_address LIKE 'cjohnson@%' The large number of OR'...
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searching multiple columns with one or more keywords using sql

I have one search box that I would like to have search 6 columns in my schools database when an input is made. So far the search box searches the name field only and returns a match for exact or ...
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How to search multiple strings or chars in a field in sql

I am using sql server and i have a table which have two fields Name Description I want to select all those rows which contains following strings ('$','%' , 'ac cd' , 'hjd oih') I am using it ...
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php search through mysql fields for string match

I have an input box where multiple words can be entered and searched for in my table. supposing the user enters 'people places things' as their search criteria, these should get submitted to my php ...
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