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Notification passes old Intent Extras

i am creating a notification inside a BroadcastReceiver via this code: String ns = Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE; NotificationManager mNotificationManager = (NotificationManager) context....
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Intent from notification does not have extras

This seem to be a common problem and I went through all the related questions I could find already: Activity isn't picking up new intent, Why extra data (integer) is not sent in android ...
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PendingIntent does not send Intent extras

My MainActicity starts RefreshService with a Intent which has a boolean extra called isNextWeek. My RefreshService makes a Notification which starts my MainActivity when the user clicks on it. this ...
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How to set click listener for notification?

I am using the following code to launch a notification when a Service is started Via AlarmManager: nm = (NotificationManager) this.getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); CharSequence from = "...
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Notification created by IntentService uses always a wrong Intent

Problem When the user presses Send "Button 1"(scroll down to see the construction of the app) a new Notification is created from the RefreshService. If the user presses this notification a ...
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Android OnNewIntent not called

I saw several approaches and I tried everything but couldnt make it work.I dont know why it is so complicated, in the docs it looks so easy! I want to trigger the OnNewIntent with a notification (the ...
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Sending data from service to activity

I am having issue when sending data from Service to Activity through Notification , I click a Notification an Activity get invoked but when i try to add some parameters through bundle i am not able to ...
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BadTokenException while showing a Dialog

I have an activity on an Android Application that starts a Sync Process with my server. This process consumes a lot of memory and processing and takes some time do be completed. After the process ...
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Passing widget id to activity

In my widget provider, I have the following code: for (int widget_id : appWidgetIds) { Log.d(TAG, "Widget Id: " + widget_id); RemoteViews remoteViews; Widget widget; while (true) { try {...
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How to set the initial page url in android phonegap-based application?

I'm developing an phonegap-based android app, and I'm writing code to handle notifications. Here is a snippet of the piece of code which is supposed to raise the notification: Intent ...
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Can't put extras for an intent in notification

I'm creating a notification from a Service that has an intent with an extra integer. For some reason, this isn't as easy as it seems. This is what I'm doing: Notification notification = new ...
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how to know if the app was launched by clicking on the push notification

I want to know if there is a flag and parameter that can tell me if the user launched the activity/app by clicking on the push notification in the notification tray. My code in ...
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How to get value from service to activity in android?

Anyone please help me how to do that. I have a simple android application in that application i am receiving a notification throw service at the time of clicking the notification i am opening the new ...
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Android Notification setContentView Page says that, I have to use Intent I can't use Intent because my code have only one Activity. I want to use notification to ...
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Send message from activity that launches activity to the one that gets launched on notification being clicked

I want to send a message from the activity which is launching the notification to the activity which gets launched when a user clicks on the notification. I just want an EditText value to be sent ...
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