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How to skip outer loop in ruby? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to break outer cycle in Ruby? array_1 = %W( array_2 = %W( array_1.each do |a1| array_2.each do |a2| ...
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exit from all methods in an object in ruby [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to break outer cycle in Ruby? say I have this code: class A def initialize myMethod() print "This should not be printed" end def myMethod #here end ...
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call next on ruby loop from external method

in Ruby it's easy to tell loop to go to next item (1..10).each do |a| next if a.even? puts a end result => 1 3 5 7 9 but what if I need to call next from outside of the loop (e.g.: method)...
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ruby break double statement

How to break double statement? a = 1 b = 2 c = 3 if a == 1 if b == 2 c = 5 d = 6 break end end puts c puts d Output loop.rb:9: Invalid break loop.rb: compile error ...
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Why won't this ruby each loop ever break?

I am brand new to programming and working through Proj Euler with Ruby. Why wont this ruby loop break? (1..5).each do |a| (1..5).each do |b| e=(a*a)+(b*b) c=Math.sqrt(e) puts "a=#{a}, b=...
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Rewriting JavaScript break-to-label in Ruby

I'm porting a JavaScript library to Ruby, and have come across the following insanity (heavily abbreviated): function foo(){ if (foo) ... loop: while(go()){ if (...) break; switch(...
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Is there a Way To Exit Two Loops by Single Command In Ruby?

Here is the Sample code, while true while true exit all loops when condition true end end Can someone tell me if is it possible here to exit first loop when second loop breaks, but then ...
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Find array of string inside an array of string

I have read a lot of ways to find a substring in a string. But in my case, I need to find a string of words (ie substring) inside a string. We can achieve this in O(n^3) times which is a very bad time ...
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What's the functional way to do this? (Break out of two nested #each blocks)

I've never needed to do this in Ruby, but my boss, being a C programmer, has put to me a problem that I honestly can't provide an elegant solution for in Ruby, without basically doing it in the C way (...
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Return to Each Iterator from For Loop

I was wondering if it is possible to return to an Each iterator in Ruby from within a for-loop placed within the block passed to Each. def find member = "" productHash = {} #@...
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How to write a while loop properly

I'm trying to scrape a website however I cannot seem to get my while-loop to break out once it hits a page with no more information: def scrape_verse_items(keyword) pg = 1 while pg < 1000 ...
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