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ng-change not working ,how can i use ng-change [duplicate]

I want get the the team_id as well as team name but ng-change not working here . Suggest me a better way to get out this problem. <th style="width:20%"> <select style="height: 40px; ...
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NG-Click not working in Chrome but works in FireFox

I have a NG-Click to change the amount of elements on the page (that are coming from an API call). The NG-Click utilizes a drop down box that works in FireFox. But I recently discovered that it isn'...
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How to use AngularJS to update an object array based on a selection change

I have two dynamic object arrays. One for colors, one for buses. The goal is to assign a color to a bus. So, using ng-repeat the code create selects for each color, then using ng-change to call a the ...
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Angularjs: How do I get the item in a list when using ngChange?

I'm trying to get the item that just changed in this small example, is there some kind of context I should use? I hoped it would be as simple as just referring to $this, but that doesn't seem to work. ...
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Remove active class from dropdown in Angular 2

I want to remove 'active' class from dropdown on document click and as soon as an option is selected. I'm able to achieve removing it on document click but I'm stuck on how to remove it on selecting ...
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How to use ng-change of AngularJS?

I am populating values in dropdown in below html code , if user change dropdown i want to use ng-show and display text area so user can enter comments , How i can achieve that using AngualrJS ...
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How make related selects in Angular?

I have two select list HTML. How I can make easy them related? I mean when I select option from first select, some options from second select are shown to hidden? Selects lists HTML created by PHP.
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Cascading Dropdown List - Multi Direction

First of all I am quiet new to AngularJS and I have seen several implementations of cascading dropdown lists yet they are not functioning the way I want and/or I dont know how to modify/extend them to ...
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How to get the selected value in select?

I am working on a angularjs form. I want to pass definition.clazz to a js function. In the controller, i have a js function like : $scope.createData=function(clazz){ // do stuff } Here is the ...
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Papulate Dropdown options on select using AngularJS

How can i populate options dynamically in select drop-down on click. i want to fetch some data from backend on clicking select box. `ng-options="type.shorthand as for type in allTypes"` i ...
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Getting the object selected with ng-change when dropDown

list of projects in form of {"id": some num, "name": some name } get by viewBag $scope.projects = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(@ViewBag.vbProjects)); My drop down menu: <div class="...
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Not able to set value to select tag using Angular js

My task is very simple. I'm able to set values to text boxes that come from restful api.. I'm able to get and display on the raw HTML page using {{currentCommodity.commodityName}} But, not able to ...
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change function need to run after select option

In my code their is one drop downlist and if you write something in that input field it will show you the datalist if that word is available.... My problem is i want to run the change function when ...
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