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How to set NODE_ENV to production/development in OS X

For use in express.js environments. Any suggestions?
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Is there a way to display NODE_ENV from the command line?

Please, answers here all refer to a something called process.env.NODE_ENV, but echo $process.env.NODE_ENV from the command line did not work. Any ideas?
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TypeScript definitions for process.env.NODE_ENV?

Is there a project with TypeScript definitions for "process" variable to use process.env.NODE_ENV? Couldn't find anywhere.
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How to Determine the ASP.NET Core Environment in my Gulpfile.js

I am using ASP.NET Core MVC 6 using Visual Studio 2015. In my gulpfile.js script I want to know if the hosting environment is Development, Staging or Production so that I can add or remove source maps ...
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NODE_ENV variable in Node.js

I am a beginner in Node and I see the following code in my project: process.env.NODE_ENV What is NODE_ENV and how can I get access to it or change it? It seems to pick up some values but don't know ...
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NPM Watch for css changes not working on on npm run start

So during my npm run start it's not catching any changes to the scss files which get compiled into a css file. The scss works just fine when I run npm run build, but it's not catching any css changes....
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When is process.env set to NODE_ENV?

I had to add this code to my project that has Express as a back end and React as a front end in order to deploy to Heroku (along with some other adjustments like the heroku-postbuild field). I am new ...
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Is NestJS using NODE_ENV? Is it recommended to set it?

I am using NestJS and I am new to it. I have read that NODE_ENV is an environment variable that specifies the environment, introduced by Express. Since NestJS is based on Express, I don't know if ...
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NODE_ENV after deployment becomes production?

This is probably a silly question, but I can't find a straight answer anywhere, so I rather ask it than continue to have this doubt. I'm reading about setting Node environment. The answer to this ...
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How to access my React app with node backend in local network?

I created a react app on my MacBook and I access it with http://localhost:3000. Additionally I run an nodejs express mysql server on http://localhost:5000. When I open the IP address with port 3000 in ...
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How do I set an Electron variable at compile time?

I am using electron-builder to package a React app. My app uses the create-react-app boilerplate. Is there a way I can set a variable at compile time, so that it can be used in a conditional within ...
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grouping express middlewares in array for app.use

import express from 'express' import bodyParser from 'body-parser' import api from 'routes' import timeout from 'connect-timeout' import haltOnTimeout from 'middlewares/haltOnTimeout' import ...
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How to get random client's IP in NODEJS

i am working on a project in NODE.JS in which when user logged in,his area's weather is automatically shown on his dashboard. According to my understanding,when a client comes: 1)His ip is traced for ...
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What is process.env.NODE_ENV

var config = require('env/' + process.env.NODE_ENV), Trying to integrate my upload system using dropzone js and aws in nodejs. But the first line already confused me. Where does that thing coming ...
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How to set NODE_ENV so that .env.development.local is used instead of .env?

I'm having issues getting dotenv to use the .env.development.local or .env.development file when starting in development mode. It only ever uses .env. My package.json: { "name": "...
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