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C++ - struct vs. class [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: C/C++ Struct vs Class What are POD types in C++? In the C++ In a Nutshell book, in chapter 6: classes, unders Access specifiers, mentioned the following: In a class definition, ...
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In C++, is a struct also a class? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: C/C++ Struct vs Class I know the technical differences between a struct and a class; and of course that question has been asked before. Object-oriented programming relates ...
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C++ struct vs Class in terms of memory [duplicate]

I have recently come across a question in one of my interview. What is the difference between C++ struct & class in terms of memory ?? I know they are same in all aspects except access ...
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need of classes though we have structures in c++ [duplicate]

I am able to do anything with structure that I can do with classes.give the exact situation that I cant use structures and have to use only classes
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Is memory allocation for class and struct have the same behavior in C++? [duplicate]

Is memory allocation for class (when initializing an object) is the same as struct? I know that when we initialize struct, struct example { int a; double b; int c; } the memory allocated ...
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When should you use a class vs a struct in C++? [duplicate]

In what scenarios is it better to use a struct vs a class in C++?
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Proper way to initialize C++ structs

Our code involves a POD (Plain Old Datastructure) struct (it is a basic c++ struct that has other structs and POD variables in it that needs to get initialized in the beginning.) Based one what I've ...
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C++ Struct invalid use of non-static data member [duplicate]

I am getting errors about Invalid use of non-static members as well as other issues from the struct members not working properly, I am having trouble understanding what the problem is, thanks. #...
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Why does C++ have both classes and structs? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the differences between struct and class in C++ If the only difference between structs and classes is the default access specifier(in C++), then why does C++ also ...
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Linked List implementation with structures or class?

I am starting data structures in C++ and while reading, I came up to the following snippet, template <class Node_entry> struct Node { // data members Node_entry entry; Node<Node_entry> *...
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Can someone explain this C++ syntax? [duplicate]

I'm going through someone else's code and came across the following syntax: typedef struct abc { abc() : member(0){} unsigned int member } It seems like a class with member variable and a ...
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General questions on C++/assembly data layout, data member access, methods

I'm trying to understand how C++ works under the hood in terms of how things are laid out in memory, how data members are accessed, and method calls, but find it very confusing. I could use some ...
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How good is "new/delete" on struct in place of "malloc/free", in C++?

Many a times, I have seen in C++ code pointers allocations for structs as; struct Current{ int amp; }; Current *cur = new Current(); However, "Current" is a structure and not class here, but is ...
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Does C++ support variable numbers of parameters to functions?

Like printf? But I remember that C++ does name mangling with function name and parameter types, this can deduce that C++ doesn't support variable length parameters... I just want to make sure, is ...
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Interchanging class & struct keyword in C++

I was reading about one of the strange C++ feature called Injected class name here. I tried following simple program #include <iostream> class test { int s{3}; public: int get_s() ...
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