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Easiest way to compare arrays in C#

In Java, Arrays.equals() allows to easily compare the content of two basic arrays (overloads are available for all the basic types). Is there such a thing in C#? Is there any "magic" way of comparing ...
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One Way To Match Array of String and List of String [duplicate]

I am trying to match list of string and array string using foreach loop but in my case, it seems I require to iterate a lot to match corresponding values. I've the following: string[] splitValues = ...
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Contains method not working for List<int[]> [duplicate]

trying to print "Success" in the console in the following code: static void Main(string[] args) { List<int[]> listInt = new List<int[]>(); listInt.Add(new int[] { 1, 2 })...
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Why does my direct Equals call pass, but fails when nested? [duplicate]

I am attempting to implement Equals overrides for some structs in my code. I have the following "child" struct public struct ChildStruct { public bool Valid; public int Value1; public ...
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Using Linq Except with two lists of int arrays

Is it possible to use except with two lists of int arrays, like so: List<int[]> a = new List<int[]>(){ new int[]{3,4,5}, new int[]{7,8,9}, new int[]{10,11,12} }; List<int[]> b = ...
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Add distinct items from a list to another list

I would like to accomplish what the title states but I don't know how to go about doing so. I have 2 lists: public List<int[,]> LongList = new List<int[,]>(); public List<int[,]> ...
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GroupBy multidimensional of Int Array

I have this multidimensional array: int[][] x; So, for each position I have: x[0] = [10,10,10,10,10] x[1] = [10,10,10,10,10] x[2] = [10,10,10,10,10] x[3] = [5,5,5] x[4] = [5,5,5] x[5] = [10,5,5,5] ...
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Dictionary key not working as a type of Tuple<int[], int>

I have a situation where I would need a dictionary with this type of key, but it doesn't seem to find the equivalent key later on. Dictionary<Tuple<int[], int>, object> cache = new ...
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Comparing two arrays in a generic .Equals method

Please see the code below: public virtual bool Equals(T other) { if (other == null) return false; Type t = GetType(); ...
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List always does not contain array even it is

I am trying to check if list of arrays contains array with factors in reverse order and if not, add them: var faclist = new List<int[]>(); var factors = new int[2] {i, j}; if (!faclist.Contains(...
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Comparing values stored in two arrays c#

Im facing issues when im attempting to make comparison between a generated code which is stored in a array and a users "Guess" which is stored in a different array Im using a random number generator ...
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Array comparison never equals true [duplicate]

I want to compare two char arrays to see if their contents are a palindrome. static bool isPalindrome(string s) { char[] normal = s.ToCharArray(); char[] reversed = s....
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how to compare arrays in c# without knowing their types

I am having 2 class objects.of same class. It having int string double types of arrays. Where as I need to compare these properties with another object of same class. I need generic approach to ...
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