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What are your favorite little used C# trick? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Hidden Features of C#? Hello Everyone, I'm just wondering what little C# tricks that programmers use in their day-to-day work. I have two - One, an overlooked, for me, language ...
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What is the use of "? :" [duplicate]

About Me: I am new to C#. So i found this code on Microsoft! int a, b, c; a = 7; b = a; c = b++; b = a + b * c; c = a >= 100 ? b : c / 10; //This Line Is Confusing a = (int)Math.Sqrt(b * b + c * c);...
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What are your favorite extension methods for C#? (

Let's make a list of answers where you post your excellent and favorite extension methods. The requirement is that the full code must be posted and a example and an explanation on how to use it. ...
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What do two question marks together mean in C#?

Ran across this line of code: FormsAuth = formsAuth ?? new FormsAuthenticationWrapper(); What do the two question marks mean, is it some kind of ternary operator? It's hard to look up in Google.
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Hidden Features of Java

After reading Hidden Features of C# I wondered, What are some of the hidden features of Java?
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Hidden Features of JavaScript? [closed]

What "Hidden Features" of JavaScript do you think every programmer should know? After having seen the excellent quality of the answers to the following questions I thought it was time to ask it for ...
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In C#, should I use string.Empty or String.Empty or "" to intitialize a string?

In C#, I want to initialize a string value with an empty string. How should I do this? What is the right way, and why? string willi = string.Empty; or string willi = String.Empty; or string ...
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What's the strangest corner case you've seen in C# or .NET? [closed]

I collect a few corner cases and brain teasers and would always like to hear more. The page only really covers C# language bits and bobs, but I also find core .NET things interesting too. For example, ...
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Hidden features of Perl?

What are some really useful but esoteric language features in Perl that you've actually been able to employ to do useful work? Guidelines: Try to limit answers to the Perl core and not CPAN Please ...
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What are the uses of "using" in C#?

User kokos answered the wonderful Hidden Features of C# question by mentioning the using keyword. Can you elaborate on that? What are the uses of using?
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Hidden features of HTML

HTML being the most widely used language (at least as a markup language) has not gotten its due credit. Considering that it has been around for so many years, things like the FORM / INPUT controls ...
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Expression Versus Statement

I'm asking with regards to c#, but I assume its the same in most other languages. Does anyone have a good definition of expressions and statements and what the differences are?
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Hidden Features of VB.NET?

I have learned quite a bit browsing through Hidden Features of C# and was surprised when I couldn't find something similar for VB.NET. So what are some of its hidden or lesser known features?
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Hidden features of Ruby

Continuing the "Hidden features of ..." meme, let's share the lesser-known but useful features of Ruby programming language. Try to limit this discussion with core Ruby, without any Ruby on Rails ...

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