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Check variable equality against a list of values

I'm checking a variable, say foo, for equality to a number of values. For example, if( foo == 1 || foo == 3 || foo == 12 ) { // ... } The point is that it is rather much code for such a trivial ...
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Concise way to compare against multiple values [duplicate]

Consider the following: var a = 'jesus'; if(a == 'something' || a == 'nothing' || a=='anything' || a=='everything'){ alert('Who cares?'); } Is there a way to make this shorter? Is there ...
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Javascript if statement with multiple permissible conditions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Javascript: The prettiest way to compare one value against multiple values Javascript If statement used to check file extensions not working In JS I'm trying to check ...
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check if at least one of multiple object properties is true [duplicate]

When it comes to if statements it is possible to refactor this code (This is just an example and does not refer to the "real" code) if(person === 'customer' || person === 'employee' || person === '...
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Best way to compare variable to multiple integers in javascript [duplicate]

I'm working on a game and I have a variable id. I need to compare that to multiple integers (lets say 10). I know you can simply use the || and do if (id == 1 || id == 2 || id == 3) which is ...
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Javascript multiple matches for IF [duplicate]

I'm trying to detect images in javascript, this is what I thought would work but it isn't. How can I do it correctly? if (url.substr(url.length - 3 ) == 'gif' || 'jpg' || 'png')
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Extract key vale from specific keys [duplicate]

Suppose I have json as: const details = { "something1":1, "something2":20, "something3":123, "something4":[{"a":"apple",&...
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Javascript OR conditional operator not working as expected [duplicate]

I am experimenting with JavaScript conditions. In the code below, why is my first condition not returning true while the second one does? Javascript: arr = [1,2,3]; if (arr[0] !== (1 || 2)){...
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Can we check multiple values in single ternary condition? [duplicate]

Can we write the code like this in js to check the condition input != (null || undefined) ? document.write(input) : document.write("Not Found"); I'm expecting to check whether the input is null or ...
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Conditional API call using Axios with React Hooks [duplicate]

I am trying to call API calls using Axios and React hooks. I want to call it when certain criteria are met. For example, if language is equal 'ru', 'en', 'fr' call first API call, if language is equal ...
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Looping an array with if and else as well as charAt [duplicate]

I am new to Javascript and I have some experience in C and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here. So far Javascript is really confusing and I don't understand it as C is the only programming ...
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Shorthand operator for "OR" [duplicate]

I am just wondering if there is any way to do something like: if(myVar === 1|2|5) {do something} or if(myVar === (1 || 2 || 5)) { do something } which will work as if(myVar === 1 || myVar === 2 ...
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Input text field problem with logical or operator [duplicate]

i have created an input field but the logical OR operator is not working as intended. the code is below. 'use strict' let search = document.getElementById('search'); console.log(search); let link = ...
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Javascript File Type Checker [duplicate]

I have a file extension checker that I have been working on, and I just cannot figure out why it won't work. I have it testing showing up a boolean equal value for whether the two values are equal or ...
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Javascript syntax issue? [duplicate]

Is the IF conditional logic correct? It works for test1 but not test2 or "" if($(this).attr("value") === ("test1" || "test2" || "")) { submitForm($(this).attr("value")); }
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