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Questions tagged [fairlearn]

A community-driven open source project and Python package to assess and improve fairness of machine learning models.

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tensorflow error with in processing algorithm, adversarial debiasing, which is based on tf

I am using adversarial debiasing model from AIF360 which uses TensorFlow. I am getting an error : ValueError: Variable debiased_classifier_20710/classifier_model/W1 already exists, disallowed. Did you ...
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Sensitive feature in Fairlearn

I am using the Fairlearn functions similar to this: eor = fairlearn.metrics.equalized_odds_ratio(y_true, y_pred, sensitive_features=sensitive_feature) dpd = fairlearn.metrics....
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Mitigation for imblearn pipelines

I'm trying to mitigate unfairness for a model I trained using an imblearn pipeline with ADASYN. My pipeline looks like this: loaded_model = Pipeline(steps=[('feature_scaler', StandardScaler()), ...
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'GridSearchCV' object has no attribute 'cv_results_' when fitting ExponentiatedGradient from fairlearn

The GridSearchCV is passed to ExponentiatedGradient. But after fitting the ExponentiatedGradient, cv_results_ are not returned. gs = GridSearchCV( estimator=model, ...
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Regularizing the constraints in fairlearn's ThresholdOptimizer

Is there a way to have a lambda regularizer value on the constraints in the ThresholdOptimizer? For instance if we want to create accuracy vs SPD curves I want to have different thresholds enforced on ...
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Can you use fairlearn for non-parity constraints? (binned monotonicity)

I'd like to use fairlearn to encode a binned monotonicity constraint on a binned continuous feature, e.g. income. That is, for input x, model h, and income groups {G_1...G_k}, I'd like to enforce: E[h(...
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Fairness metrics for multi-class classification

Are there any metrics implemented in Fairlearn or any published papers that I can refer to for use-cases around fairness measurement of multi-class classification where the metrics are AP and not ...
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Selection Rate in selection_rate_group_summary in fairlearn

How does selection_rate_group_summary decide the cutoff value when we pass the output of a mitigated model to it in fairlearn module. The selection rate in one of our data is really high all the time ...
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How does one use the Fairlearn metrics to make a decision on whether a feature is biased or not?

Can anyone suggest best practice guidelines on selecting thresholds for the disparity metrics to determine if a sensitive attribute is biased or not?
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How to handle 'Widget Loading...' Message in Google Cloud's JupyterLab AI Platform?

I am working on getting to know FairLearn in Google Cloud's AI Platform (via JupyterLab). For now, I am starting with the tutorial and when I run the code for the Fairlearn Dashboard, I get an ...
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1 answer

How can I use Fairlearn with custom fairness constraints?

Fairlearn currently provides Demographic Parity, Equalized Odds, True Positive Parity as fairness constraints for the ExponentiatedGradient unfairness mitigation technique. If I want to use a custom ...
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