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TapTargetView is an implementation of tap targets from the Material Design guidelines for feature discovery.

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ShowCaseView/TapTargetView implementation in Android Compose

Is there any library in Jetpack Compose which supports ShowCaseView/TapTargetView kind of implementation. I tried searching but did not find any.
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How to set Tap target for Bottom navigation

I use keepsafe tap target for creating tap targets. For every view, it works fine but when I use it for bottom navigation it gives me null pointer exception error. I have read its document. In that ...
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Tap Target for rectangular shapes Android

I am trying to use the Tap Target View library from GitHub in an android app. I was wondering if anyone knows if we can use this library to highlight a ...
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How to set TapTargetView for PreferenceSwitch in PreferenceScreen؟

I have a problem in setting TapTargetView for PreferenceSwitch in PreferenceScreen I want to set TapTargetView for PreferenceSwitch in preferenceScreen but the TapTargetView library method is built on ...
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Using TapTargetView on Navigation Drawer menu item

I'm using TapTargetView to create my Showcase and it's working nice to buttons and the toolbar, but I need to target my Navigation Drawer menu and I'm not getting there. One of my aproaches was to ...