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Which version of ag-chart-angular is compatible with angular 17?

Which version of ag-chart-angular is compatible with angular 17? Where can I find the compatibility details for ag-chart-angular? I went through their documentation page but it is not available.
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Ag-Charts - All Font related options under the "Format" tab are disabled. Any ideas on how to enable them?

As described in the title, we have an AG-chart where all options work great except for the fact that any control related to Fonts under the format tab are disabled. I am not seeing anything obvious ...
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Coupled Hover Events in AG-Charts

In Plotly they offer the option of coupling the popout labels of multiple data series on hover. The last two examples on this page demonstrate the functionality
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AgChartsReact Zoom feature is not working

I was using AgChartsReact from ag-charts-react library 9.0.0 version to generate a line chart. I have configured the options as below. { data: chartData, autoSize: true, ...
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AG Charts: Access current min/max graph values as modified by navigator

Enabling navigator allows Users to redefine the min/max values presented by chart (eg. a bar chart). The question is if and how it is possible to access the currently visualized chart min/max values ...
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export 'AgChartsReact' was not found in 'ag-charts-react'

I'm just trying to follow the simple examples given, like and it's not letting me import? "ag-charts-react": "^9.0.1", "...
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Want to customize design of bar chart in ag-chart-react

I am implementing bar chart using ag-chart in react, I want to do following customization in the chart. want to show vertical axis label on top of each bar, and horizontal axis label on the front of ...
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how to change the placement of ag charts from top of the marker in the line series to the bottom?

Hey I have been trying to do this for quite some time now but I can not move the labels of the line series to the bottom of the line in ag grid charts. Does anyone know how to do this ? I have ...
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How I can manipulate with legend items on the chart from AgChartsReact?

I use a standalone chart from the Ag Grid library and want to manipulate manually which legend items should be shown/selected by default. I didn't find any specific API/property which can cover this ...
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