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Questions tagged [aiosqlite]

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1 answer

InvalidRequestError during concurrent requests with FastAPI, aiosqlite, and SQLAlchemy

I am encountering an issue with a FastAPI application using aiosqlite and SQLAlchemy when subjected to a high number of concurrent requests, specifically during a penetration test with 100 parallel ...
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`ValueError: no active connection` using aiosqlite

im pretty sure i have everything written correctly here! yet i keep getting an error, ValueError: no active connection the error points to in inventory cursor = await con.cursor() this is my full code ...
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Prefect and aiosqlite dependency problem - sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError)

I'm running a script with prefect using some tasks and flows. This script has run without problems before, but i'm experiencing problems with it without having changed it. script I just call ...
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(Python SQLite) Select data from 1 specific column to use in a variable?

I am storing data in a database and want to retrieve data from one column but I'm only taking the data from one single cell, but the data it spits out with .fetchone() comes out as: (TheData, ). I am ...
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SQL alchemy multiple select

I get an error running this code. The error: The "entities" argument to Select.with_only_columns(), when referring to a sequence of items, is now passed as a series of positional elements, ...
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My aiosqlite Python database wont update the second table when I try

I have a aiosqlite Python database for a discord bot using Nextcord. I have one table that works fine but the second one just wont update or maybe even create (I'm not sure). I'm wondering if it being ...
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How can I run a while loop which edits a aiosqlite database but is not in a async function

if True: import shortcuts.startupload from shortcuts.startupload import * import threading import time **def background(): while True: if 1 == 1: if 1 == 1: ...
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AttributeError: 'Bot' object has no attribute 'db'

I a bot using and using aiosqlite for a leveling database. Sometimes when I start up my bot, I get this error, and Im not sure what is causing it. It doesn't happen every time I start my ...
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FastAPI + aiosqlite + AsyncSession - Exception closing connection

I'm using FastAPI, aiosqlite and SqlAlchemy. The application works fine, but I get this exception when I add a middleware. The request returns 200 code, but then the exception is raised. Do you have ...
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2 answers

What's making this code lock my aiosqlite database?

My bot handles data inputs (invites, bans, warns, etc.) and inserts them into an aiosqlite database. An error is raised: OperationalError: database is locked. Multiple commands work in ...
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1 answer

Select single row containing unique ID pairs that can be input in reverse

I have a database that holds one entry for all unique "friendship" pairs. I need a query that will return a single row that matches the pairs. For Example: friend_id_one = "10987633&...
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9 votes
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Using asyncio extension with SQLite backend broken by version upgrade

An upgrade from SQLAlchemy version 1.4.0b2 to 1.4.0b3 results in the following error when attempting to connect to a SQLite engine, using the asyncio extension. >>> from sqlalchemy.ext....
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