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Questions tagged [amd-app]

Tag for topics regarding the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing framework.

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OpenCL does not run correctly with AMD platform

I guess the problem of random result maybe comes from synchronization. So I use some events to synchronize the command queue. cl::Event evtWriteBufferFinished; errNum = queues[0].enqueueWriteBuffer(...
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Download OpenCL AMD APP SDK 3.0 for windows and linux

I want to download standalone version of OpenCL AMD APP SDK 3.0 for Windows and Linux.
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OpenCL clgetPlatformID access violation

I'm trying to learn some OpenCL to use in my OpenGL project to help speed up everything but I am currently stuck trying to get OpenCL to start. When I launch the program from Visual Studio 2015 the ...
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Using AMD OpenCL with mingw

I have downloaded and installed AMD APP SDK 3.0. When I try using it with mingw I get an error because CL/cl.hpp has #include <intrin.h> in it (this header is exclusive to VC++). Is there a ...
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I have a kernel that runs on all platforms that I have access to, but AMD app SDK 3.0 with intel. The platform is: OpenCL.Device(Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz on AMD Accelerated Parallel ...
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OpenCL reported device version different between clinfo / clGetDeviceInfo

I'm just trying to dive into OpenCL 2.0. I'm using an AMD R7 260X GPU with AMD APP SDK 3.0 (final) with most current driver (Crimson-something, 2348.4) on Win10-64 with 16GB RAM. Compiler is Visual ...
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On which CPU processor is OpenCL kernel running

I want to determine exactly how AMD schedules its OpenCL kernels on the CPU and I could not find any OpenCL function to determine the physical processor/core id on which it is running. I could only ...
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AMD OpenCL fatal error: CL/cl.hpp: No such file or directory

I'm trying to compile a simple "hello world" program on Windows 7 using OpenCL in Visual Studio 2015 in C++. Upon trying to build, I get this error: Cannot open include file: 'CL/cl.hpp': No ...
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AMD APP SDK (OpenCL) doesn't detect AMD CPU

I've got an AMD FX-8350 CPU and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 GPU on a PC with OpenSUSE Leap x86_64. I want to work with CUDA and OpenCL on it, so I first installed Cuda Toolkit 7.5. That worked fine. ...
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OpenCL 2.0 on AMD GPU

I'm trying to initialize OpenCL 2.0 on AMD Fury X and I'm looking at the value of __OPENCL_VERSION__. It is 120 no matter what. I'm looking inside my driver and both #define __OPENCL_VERSION__ 120 and ...
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Linking C programme with libclBLAS

I'm trying to get started with clBLAS. I'm using clBLAS-2.6.0 Release for ACL 1.0 Beta 1 on Linux 64bit. Downloaded binaries from examples directory work fine on my hardware but my effort is to ...
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OpenCL time measurment issues with AMD GPU

I recently compared 2 kinds of doing kernel runtime measuring and I see some confusing results. I use an AMD Bobcat CPU (E-350) with integrated GPU and Ubuntu Linux (CL_PLATFORM_VERSION is OpenCL 1.2 ...
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