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Amplience Dynamic Content is a content management, production and delivery solution. Questions should relate to development using DC or for DC only.

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403 Forbidden Error with Manually Generated OAuth 2.0 Token in Postman

I am encountering a 403 Forbidden error when using a manually generated OAuth 2.0 token in Postman, even though the automatic authentication of postman works perfectly fine. I am trying to access ...
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How do you call the Amplience handlebars service with data parameters

I want to call the Amplience handlebars service with additional parameters that I can then use with my content rendering. tried with
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Localized Content in Amplience Dynamic Content

What is the best approach to creating and organizing localized content in Amplience Dynamic Content. Should it be done through a content type (json) or rendering (html, css, .js) or other methods (...
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