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Does routerLink not always work in displaying components?

I am currently using the new AnalogJS and I added a routerLink to a component that takes in the role (String) which can be either Designer/Creator. The route takes in a role param and the component ...
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When I execute Analogjs project "npm run dev", unable to solve this error. Anyone can guide me ? Is there any version related issue

I am trying to create an basic analogjs project I followed some command. first I hit this command every thing is fine npm create analog@latest then I install node module in the project directory. ...
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Rendering dynamic routes in AnalogJS without using a prefix or a folder?

In this question we were able to render dynamic routes with 2 or more parameters, but they have to be either prefixed or contained in a folder. I'd like to be able to render a route like this, where :...
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Rendering routes with 2 or more route parameters with AnalogJS?

I have routes of that are defined like this: { path: ':category/:topic', component: TopicComponent, data: ROUTE_DATA, resolve: { topic: topicResolver }, canActivate: [topicGuard] ...
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