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Questions tagged [android-tools-namespace]

The `tools` namespace allows for showing custom `View` properties inside Android Studio view designer.

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Cannot find adb under platform-tools

I have installed android-sdk through command line command - brew install --cask android-sdk and have also installed the platform tools. I have this folder structure /usr/local/share/android-sdk under ...
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Sample texts of android tools are not being displayed in layout preview

According to you only add the namespace to the root element and then you can use the tools attributes. Though, the following code doesn't ...
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3 answers

How to change the view of Design Tab of menu layout file for Bottom Navigation Activity (tools:showIn)

I only want to see my design as bottom navigation view so I had tried the following on menu.xml file by setting tools:showIn="bottom_navigation_view" but it is not making any effect to my design view ...
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How do I install android SDK using SDK tools-version 26.1.1

I just wanted to install Android SDK for Appium setup and grid test. But i did not find the SDK tools version 24.1.1. So I had to download 26.1.1 (windows) version and in this version, I am not able ...
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Android: sampledata subdirectories not showing up in Android Studio 3.X

I am trying to create UI preview using tools:text in my layout.xml For the files inside the sampledata directory. I am able to reference them in xml and see them in preview But for files inside the ...
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How to use androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView with tools:listitem?

How to use androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView with tools:listitem? I have this layout: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView xmlns:...
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What is the difference between the name attribute and context attribute in android XML?

I am beginner in android and was wondering what the difference is between the tools:context and android:name attributes? 1. android:name=".fragments.DataFragment" 2. tools:context=".activities....
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Memory (RAM) Clean Function for Oreo

Unable to get the total size of memory use like "CLEAN MASTER" APP in only 8.0, rest of version are working fine. We are trying to search from last 10 days but unable to found anything if anyone has ...
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tools:context link to multiple Activities

I have read about tools:context and found it pretty useful while development, as it helps me to know which activities I have used current Xml. My Problem is: I have 2 Activities, using same Xml file(...
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tools:text for RecyclerView items

I know that when you set tools:text="Sample text" within a TextView, you'll see the sample text in Preview mode in Android Studio, but not within the actual app. I'd like to do this for items in a ...
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Android Library CardView attribute not found

I have created a library that uses Android CardView. The library is available as aar file. When I add the aar file to the project, it gives the following error, on syncing. I still have not used it ...
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54 votes
2 answers

How to specify list item count in preview of recyclerview in Android Studio?

The recyclerview layout is defined as < android:layout_marginTop="15dp" android:id="@+id/call_detail_list" android:...
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49 votes
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What is tools:mockup, tools:mockup_crop and tools:mockup_opacity

I just updated Android Studio to the version 2.3 (canary version) and to the last build tools '' and when I open a layout and write tools: and press ctrl + ...
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Tools namespace attribute for showing layout in ViewPager in design time

The tools namespace allows for showing view properties in layout designer. For example using tools:listItem="@layout/{custom_layout} it is possible to show list with custom row layout in Android ...
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3 answers

Android XML Is there a way to use the tool namespace with custom attributes?

I've created a custom view with attributes. Is there a way to use those attributes with android tools in Android studio? for example : <MyOwnCoolView android:layout_width="96dp" android:...
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2 answers

What's the purpose of tools:openDrawer="start" when creating a DrawerLayout (with NavigationView) from the wizard?

Creating an activity with navigation drawer in Android Studio causes this to be shown in the XML code: < xmlns:android="
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5 votes
2 answers

Tools namespace android listitem

I'm trying to use the "tools" namespace feature in Android Studio. I'm trying to populate the ListView with dummy list items, for design purposes. The link here says the tools:listitem="@android:...
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Namespace declaration is never used: checks for unused namespace declarations and location hints in XML

xmlns:tools="" this one is my problem it is said that "Namespace declaration is never used" <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="
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Is there a way to show a preview of a RecyclerView's contents in the Android Studio editor?

When I add the RecyclerView to the layout, it shows up as a blank screen. Is there a way, such as through the tools namespace, to show a preview of the content of the RecyclerView?
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What is the 'app' Android XML namespace?

Here is an example of the app namespace that I've seen from a res/menu/main.xml file <menu xmlns:android="" xmlns:app="
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Android: How to use tools with include layout

How do I use tools: xmlns:tools="" With <include>? I have a layout A that I use tools to populate all the text fields with test data. And I have layout B that ...
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3 answers

Preview layout with merge root tag in Intellij IDEA/Android Studio

Let's imagine we are developing compound component based on LinearLayout. So, we create class like this: public class SomeView extends LinearLayout { public SomeView(Context context, AttributeSet ...
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4 answers

What is the meaning of xmlns:tools in Android XML layout?

For example, in: <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:tools="" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:...
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List of available attributes for tools namespace

I noticed that there are an additional namespace "tools" available for android layouts. Then I tried, but failed :) to find a list of all attributes one can use. So far I am aware of this: tools:...
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What's "tools:context" in Android layout files?

Starting with a recent new version of ADT, I've noticed this new attribute on the layout XML files, for example: <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:...
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