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angular-formly is an AngularJS module which has a directive to help customize and render JavaScript/JSON configured forms. The formly-form directive and the formlyConfig service are very powerful and bring unmatched maintainability to your application's forms.

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Angular-Formly : Adding Form fields dynamically on user click

How would I go about adding the capability in the form so that the user can add more input fields by clicking the "Add". This using the angular formly library. Here is an example of the exact feature ...
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Angular material date picker format locale

I have created an angular material date picker component to use with formly, and tried to set it to use GB for the locale so that dates are shown as 26/07/2019. However, when typing in the date, it ...
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How to create the leaflet map in angular formly

My requirement is to create the leaflet map in angular formly,but I am new to this formly and I know how to use integrate the map with normal html in angular as below map.component.ts ngOnInit() { ...
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Function calls are not supported in decorators but 'FileTypeModule' was called

trying to setup ngx-formly-material-file, but I got an error: Function calls are not supported in decorators but 'FileTypeModule' was called I tried to export FileTypeModule, but got the same error ...
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Formly access to form control value onChange

I'm trying to evaluate Formly. This is my first attempt - I want to call a method when the value of a textarea change. This is the code I tried with - so far it doesn't appear to be working I'm not ...
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Angular-Formly: Hide/Disable Fields from Service

I have a service in which i try to disable an angular-formly field: formField.templateOptions.disabled = true; Even though the templateOption object is correct, the field is not disabled: "...
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Angular Formly: how to add class to wrapping div

<formly-form model="vm.model" fields="step.inputs" options="vm.options"> <div style="text-align:right"> <button type="submit" wz-next class="btn btn-primary submit-button" ...
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Create Ngx-Formly Custom Template for Radio Type

How to create a custom radio template in ngx-formly ? Had reviewed the Ngx-Formly Guide for Custom Templates on FormlyField Though had successfully created a custom template for input but i can't seem ...
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Open modal form containing form created from ngx-formly from another ngx-formly form

I'm currently using ngx-formly to dynamically create a bunch of Angular forms from JSON, which works really nicely. I have a peculiar use case where a custom button on a form, should open a modal ...
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Server side errors handling with angular-formly

I'm looking for solution on how I can display errors that the server respond, this is the respond for every invalid submission so I want to make the error handler in the app level and not in a ...
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How to load angular-formly vm.fields object from remotely-generated json?

In my application I have dynamic field sets on what is otherwise the same form. I can load them from the server as javascript includes and that works OK. However, it would be much better to be able ...
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Angular Formly Nested selects

I'm trying to achieve a series of nested SELECT with Formly. My options look like this : $scope.productsList = [{ name : 'product1', options : [ name : 'option1Product1', name : '...
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Disabled checkbox(es) in Angular formyl

How can I disable the checkbox without displaying this warning message? "It looks like you're using the disabled attribute with a reactive form directive. If you set disabled to true. when you ...
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Ngx-Formly how to pass custom properties to a custom type?

I'm trying to create a formly custom type. I want to be able to pass a custom property with the call to a service in the field definition. For example { key: 'city', type: 'customType', props: { ...
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Formly update templateOptions on click of button

I'm new to formly, I want to change the templateOptions property based on value, so below is my config formlyConfig.setType({ name: 'phone', extends: 'maskedInput', defaultOptions: ...
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angular-formly using angular-translate for global validation message

Validation Message can be configured globally like here I like to use the translation filter, so that written validation errors are ...
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