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Questions tagged [angularjs]

Use for questions about AngularJS (1.x), the open-source JavaScript framework. Do NOT use this tag for Angular 2 or later versions; instead, use the [angular] tag.

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4510 votes
15 answers

"Thinking in AngularJS" if I have a jQuery background? [closed]

Suppose I'm familiar with developing client-side applications in jQuery, but now I'd like to start using AngularJS. Can you describe the paradigm shift that is necessary? Here are a few questions that ...
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3381 votes
30 answers

AngularJS: Service vs provider vs factory

What are the differences between a Service, Provider and Factory in AngularJS?
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2019 votes
14 answers

How does data binding work in AngularJS?

How does data binding work in the AngularJS framework? I haven't found technical details on their site. It's more or less clear how it works when data is propagated from view to model. But how does ...
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1296 votes
19 answers

How do I access the $scope variable in browser's console using AngularJS?

I would like to access my $scope variable in Chrome's JavaScript console. How do I do that? I can neither see $scope nor the name of my module myapp in the console as variables.
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1201 votes
23 answers

What is the best way to conditionally apply a class?

Lets say you have an array that is rendered in a ul with an li for each element and a property on the controller called selectedIndex. What would be the best way to add a class to the li with the ...
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1117 votes
6 answers

How do I use $scope.$watch and $scope.$apply in AngularJS?

I don't understand how to use $scope.$watch and $scope.$apply. The official documentation isn't helpful. What I don't understand specifically: Are they connected to the DOM? How can I update DOM ...
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1106 votes
15 answers

What is the difference between angular-route and angular-ui-router?

I'm planning to use AngularJS in my big applications. So I'm in the process to find out the right modules to use. What is the difference between ngRoute (angular-route.js) and ui-router (angular-ui-...
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1099 votes
18 answers

What is the difference between '@' and '=' in directive scope in AngularJS?

I've read the AngularJS documentation on the topic carefully, and then fiddled around with a directive. Here's the fiddle. And here are some relevant snippets: From the HTML: <pane bi-title="...
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1078 votes
9 answers

angular.service vs angular.factory

I have seen both angular.factory() and angular.service() used to declare services; however, I cannot find angular.service anywhere in official documentation. What is the difference between the two ...
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1050 votes
3 answers

What are the nuances of scope prototypal / prototypical inheritance in AngularJS?

The API Reference Scope page says: A scope can inherit from a parent scope. The Developer Guide Scope page says: A scope (prototypically) inherits properties from its parent scope. So, does a ...
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1050 votes
7 answers

'this' vs $scope in AngularJS controllers

In the "Create Components" section of AngularJS's homepage, there is this example: controller: function($scope, $element) { var panes = $scope.panes = []; $scope.select = function(pane) { ...
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900 votes
12 answers

Working with $scope.$emit and $scope.$on

How can I send my $scope object from one controller to another using .$emit and .$on methods? function firstCtrl($scope) { $scope.$emit('someEvent', [1,2,3]); } function secondCtrl($scope) { ...
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858 votes
28 answers

AngularJS : Prevent error $digest already in progress when calling $scope.$apply()

I'm finding that I need to update my page to my scope manually more and more since building an application in angular. The only way I know of to do this is to call $apply() from the scope of my ...
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826 votes
17 answers

Insert HTML into view from AngularJS controller

Is it possible to create an HTML fragment in an AngularJS controller and have this HTML shown in the view? This comes from a requirement to turn an inconsistent JSON blob into a nested list of id: ...
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771 votes
33 answers

How to set focus on input field?

What is the 'Angular way' to set focus on input field in AngularJS? More specific requirements: When a Modal is opened, set focus on a predefined <input> inside this Modal. Everytime <input&...
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719 votes
10 answers

if else statement in AngularJS templates

I want to do a condition in an AngularJS template. I fetch a video list from the Youtube API. Some of the videos are in 16:9 ratio and some are in 4:3 ratio. I want to make a condition like this: if ...
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701 votes
8 answers

How to iterate over the keys and values with ng-repeat in AngularJS?

In my controller, I have data like: $scope.object = data Now this data is the dictionary with keys and values from json. I can access the attribute with object.name in the template. Is there any way ...
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701 votes
15 answers

How do search engines deal with AngularJS applications?

I see two issues with AngularJS application regarding search engines and SEO: 1) What happens with custom tags? Do search engines ignore the whole content within those tags? i.e. suppose I have <...
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  • 8,630
689 votes
29 answers

How do I bind to list of checkbox values with AngularJS?

I have a few checkboxes: <input type='checkbox' value="apple" checked> <input type='checkbox' value="orange"> <input type='checkbox' value="pear" checked> <input type='checkbox' ...
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665 votes
26 answers

Why does AngularJS include an empty option in select?

I've been working with AngularJS for the last few weeks, and the one thing which is really bothering me is that even after trying all permutations or the configuration defined in the specification at ...
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657 votes
15 answers

How to use a filter in a controller?

I have written a filter function which will return data based on the argument you are passing. I want the same functionality in my controller. Is it possible to reuse the filter function in a ...
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  • 6,573
627 votes
20 answers

Confused about Service vs Factory

As I understand it, when inside a factory I return an object that gets injected into a controller. When inside a service I am dealing with the object using this and not returning anything. I was ...
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  • 21.5k
593 votes
14 answers

Can one AngularJS controller call another?

Is it possible to have one controller use another? For example: This HTML document simply prints a message delivered by the MessageCtrl controller in the messageCtrl.js file. <html xmlns:ng="...
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  • 25.9k
591 votes
12 answers

Adding multiple class using ng-class

Can we have multiple expression to add multiple ng-class ? for eg. <div ng-class="{class1: expressionData1, class2: expressionData2}"></div> If yes can anyone put up the example to do ...
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589 votes
7 answers

AngularJS passing data to $http.get request

I have a function which does a http POST request. The code is specified below. This works fine. $http({ url: user.update_path, method: "POST", data: {user_id: user.id, draft: true} }); I ...
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566 votes
27 answers

How do I set the value property in AngularJS' ng-options?

Here is what seems to be bothering a lot of people (including me). When using the ng-options directive in AngularJS to fill in the options for a <select> tag, I cannot figure out how to set the ...
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559 votes
8 answers

What's the difference between ng-model and ng-bind

I'm currently learning AngularJS and am having difficulty understanding the difference between ng-bind and ng-model. Can anyone tell me how they differ and when one should be used over the other?
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537 votes
24 answers

Combating AngularJS executing controller twice

I understand AngularJS runs through some code twice, sometimes even more, like $watch events, constantly checking model states etc. However my code: function MyController($scope, User, local) { var ...
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534 votes
21 answers

How can I post data as form data instead of a request payload?

In the code below, the AngularJS $http method calls the URL, and submits the xsrf object as a "Request Payload" (as described in the Chrome debugger network tab). The jQuery $.ajax method does the ...
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534 votes
6 answers

Link vs compile vs controller

When you create a directive, you can put code into the compiler, the link function or the controller. In the docs, they explain that: compile and link function are used in different phases of the ...
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530 votes
7 answers

When to favor ng-if vs. ng-show/ng-hide?

I understand that ng-show and ng-hide affect the class set on an element and that ng-if controls whether an element is rendered as part of the DOM. Are there guidelines on choosing ng-if over ng-...
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529 votes
11 answers

AngularJS ngClass conditional

Is there any way to make an expression for something like ng-class to be a conditional? For example, I have tried the following: <span ng-class="{test: 'obj.value1 == \'someothervalue\''}">...
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  • 26.4k
528 votes
10 answers

What is the difference between Polymer elements and AngularJS directives?

On the Polymer Getting Started page, we see an example of Polymer in action: <html> <head> <!-- 1. Shim missing platform features --> <script src="polymer-all/platform/...
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506 votes
6 answers

Complex nesting of partials and templates

My question involves how to go about dealing with complex nesting of templates (also called partials) in an AngularJS application. The best way to describe my situation is with an image I created: ...
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498 votes
11 answers

Redirecting to a certain route based on condition

I'm writing a small AngularJS app that has a login view and a main view, configured like so: $routeProvider .when('/main' , {templateUrl: 'partials/main.html', controller: MainController}) .when('/...
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495 votes
12 answers

ng-repeat :filter by single field

I have an array of products that I'm repeating over using ng-repeat and am using <div ng-repeat="product in products | filter:by_colour"> to filter these products by colour. The filter is ...
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484 votes
10 answers

AngularJS : Initialize service with asynchronous data

I have an AngularJS service that I want to initialize with some asynchronous data. Something like this: myModule.service('MyService', function($http) { var myData = null; $http.get('data....
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480 votes
10 answers

Angular ng-repeat Error "Duplicates in a repeater are not allowed."

I am defining a custom filter like so: <div class="idea item" ng-repeat="item in items" isoatom> <div class="section comment clearfix" ng-repeat="comment in item.comments | range:1:2"...
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474 votes
19 answers

What's the correct way to communicate between controllers in AngularJS?

What's the correct way to communicate between controllers? I'm currently using a horrible fudge involving window: function StockSubgroupCtrl($scope, $http) { $scope.subgroups = []; $scope....
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454 votes
11 answers

Watch multiple $scope attributes

Is there a way to subscribe to events on multiple objects using $watch E.g. $scope.$watch('item1, item2', function () { });
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453 votes
8 answers

Angular directives - when and how to use compile, controller, pre-link and post-link [closed]

When writing an Angular directive, one can use any of the following functions to manipulate the DOM behaviour, contents and look of the element on which the directive is declared: compile controller ...
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452 votes
8 answers

How to display length of filtered ng-repeat data

I have a data array which contains many objects (JSON format). The following can be assumed as the contents of this array: var data = [ { "name": "Jim", "age" : 25 }, { "name": "...
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451 votes
8 answers

Working with select using AngularJS's ng-options

I have read about it in other posts, but I couldn't figure it out. I have an array, $scope.items = [ {ID: '000001', Title: 'Chicago'}, {ID: '000002', Title: 'New York'}, {ID: '000003', ...
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449 votes
18 answers

AngularJS 1.2 $injector:modulerr

When using angular 1.2 instead of 1.07 the following piece of code is not valid anymore, why? 'use strict'; var app = angular.module('myapp', []); app.config(['$routeProvider', '$locationProvider', ...
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449 votes
14 answers

Does it make sense to use Require.js with Angular.js? [closed]

I'm a newbie to Angular.js and trying to understand how it's different from Backbone.js... We used to manage our packages dependencies with Require.js while using Backbone. Does it make sense to do ...
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448 votes
5 answers

AngularJS ng-click stopPropagation

I have a click Event on a table row and in this row there is also a delete Button with a click Event. When i click the delete button the click Event on the row is also fired. Here is my code. <...
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433 votes
27 answers

Way to ng-repeat defined number of times instead of repeating over array?

Is there a way to ng-repeat a defined number of times instead of always having to iterate over an array? For example, below I want the list item to show up 5 times assuming $scope.number equal to 5 ...
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  • 8,089
428 votes
12 answers

What is the difference between ng-if and ng-show/ng-hide

I'm trying to understand the difference between ng-if and ng-show/ng-hide, but they look the same to me. Is there a difference that I should keep in mind choosing to use one or the other?
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423 votes
19 answers

How to use a keypress event in AngularJS?

I want to catch the enter key press event on the textbox below. To make it more clear I am using a ng-repeat to populate the tbody. Here is the HTML: <td><input type="number" id="closeqty{{$...
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422 votes
21 answers

AngularJS : How to watch service variables?

I have a service, say: factory('aService', ['$rootScope', '$resource', function ($rootScope, $resource) { var service = { foo: [] }; return service; }]); And I would like to use foo to ...
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