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API Blueprint is a Markdown-based DSL for describing HTTP APIs.

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Is it possible to center tables in a markdown file?

I have a table: | This | Is | A | Table | | :--- | -- | - | ----: | | foo | ba | r | elbaT | I'd like the table to display in the center of my Markdown file instead of left-aligned. I ...
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Good rest code generation and documentation tool [closed]

I have been considering a documentation tool for building a backend for a web service to be used in multiple clients along with OAuth and possibility of multiple revisions. I already knew about apiary ...
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Trying to describe the request and response using Data Structures in API Blueprint

I'm trying to document an endpoint with API Blueprint, using the new Attributes and DataStructures sections of the spec. My request payload looks like this: { "url": ""...
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7k views - multiple responses (200) with different parameters

I am trying to get different responses passing different parameters but something is not working. This is my API: ## Question [/questions/{question_id}] A Question object has the following ...
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Response description and POST parameters in API Blueprint

I am trying out API Blueprint and found some things, which are not quite clear to me. 1. How can I document POST body parameters? There is + Parameters but it just documents query parameters. If I ...
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How do I document a multipart request with apiary?

I want to document a multipart request like the following: Content-Length: 477 Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=---BOUNDARY -----BOUNDARY Content-Disposition: form-data; name="image[file]"...
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Documenting query parameters with API Blueprint

I'm trying to document a query parameter in API Blueprint, but I'm not entirely sure if I have done it correctly. The resource looks like this: DELETE{appId}/{...
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Apiary: Is it possible to document what JSON response fields are?

I would like to document what the actual JSON fields themselves represent. I have documented the GET statement, and parameters but this does not make a complete documentation to give to users. So, ...
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Apiary: Export API as JSON, to generate client code

We all know that apiary rocks (or not.. I think it does), and I was wondering what would it take to take it a step further allow users to export a JSON description of the API? (So developers can ...
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How to specify an optional element for a json request object

In API blueprint I am looking to specify an optional json element for a POST message. Example for; ### Add a new User [POST] To add a User send a JSON ..... + Request (application/json) ...
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Specify description for every response we have in

Is it possible to specify description for every response to some request? Suppose, we have a request ### Retrieve resource [GET] + Headers If-None-Match: "Version1" And 2 responses ...
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Represent File Uploads in API Blueprints

We have an API end point where an image file can be uploaded along with the name of the file (a string) as well as a description (string). Apiary / API Blueprints won't allow me to have something ...
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Does and/or API Blueprint support api versioning?

Does api blueprint or support the notion of versioning your API? In particular, I'm versioning my API via the URI like this: GET /api/v2/SomeResource/ In the example above, this means I'm ...
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Create Mock Service API using Apiary

I'm attempting to create mock api services for testing purposes. We are already using Apiary on another team so I'm starting there. So far, I've noticed that if I want to have two separate calls ...
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Repeating a MSON data structure with different values

I have many places in my API where I will need to describe a list of objects. Each object has the same keys / structure but different values. How can I tweak the values of each instance of some data ...
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MSON to describe object attributes in blueprint

I have an issue similar to what is described here. I have a JSON that looks like this: { "photos": [ { "key": "y37dmj10jkwof/moOIUB8912JKVgh", "caption": "A world of gamers.", ...
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How to extend rather than replace parent Parameters?

I've got a resource with multiple parameters, and a single action with one extra. How can I write this with the minimal repeats? Something like this, but that actually works: ## Items [/item{?type}] ...
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Sails 1.0 cannot access autogenerated associated entity routes

I have an association between Client and Budget as follows: //Client.js module.exports = { primaryKey: 'id', attributes: { id: { type: 'number', unique: true, autoIncrement:...
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How to format hash-based parameters in the URL when creating Blueprint API doc?

With the Rails Way of adding hashes in the parameter of an URL like so:[first]=Jane&person[last]=Doe&person[email] How do I format the API ...