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Questions tagged [ast-grep]

ast-grep is a CLI tool for code structural search, lint, and rewriting, based on abstract syntax trees (ASTs). Use the ast-grep tag for questions about the usage, installation, configuration, rule creation, rewrite authorization, or development of the ast-grep tool or its editor extensions. Do not use this tag for general questions about ASTs or other tools that operate on ASTs.

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1 answer

How to find similar if condition code with some pattern?

there's a case I have some buggy TypeScript code like: if (whatever || xyz.startsWith("ABC")) { // } or if (whatever || xyz.includes("ABC")) { // } can I find by pattern to ...
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1 answer

Why is the last statement ignored in ast-grep / tree-sitter with C++ in compound_statement?

In this playground, the last statement is always ignored and not captured. Why is this?
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1 vote
0 answers

How can I use custom grammar with the ast-grep Python API?

I am currently using the python API for ast-grep to do some automated code cleanup. I have also managed to get some custom grammar rules compiled and working with the ast-grep CLI (following https://...
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2 answers

when i open nvim show me error massage from ast-grep

machine : arch linux there is an error massage show when i open neovim from ast-grep lsp : the error massage: LSP[ast_grep] Failed to load rules: Cannot read configuration.. No such file or directory (...
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1 vote
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How to write ast-grep rules in these case?

I am using ast-grep to refactor my javascript code, but in some cases, I don't know how to write ast-grep rules to fix them. const a = require(`${ROOT}/common`) // expect to be: const a = require('@/...
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Can I reproduce eslint's "prefer-object-spread" rule using ast-grep?

I am trying to compare different linters and their performance with custom rules. Ast-grep is promising, and likely runs much faster than eslint, as it is written in Rust instead of javascript. ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to apply ast-grep rewrite rules to a file automatically?

I am using ast-grep, a CLI tool for code structural search and rewriting, to find and replace some patterns in my code. I have written a YAML file with some rewrite rules, and I can use sg scan to see ...
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