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Disable javascript auto semicolon

Is there a way to to prevent javascript from auto assuming optional semicolons (in the browser, not node). I tried to use the strict mode, but that did not help. Background: I write my code in more or ...
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Why does return literals in the handler create `TypeError: Expected a semicolon`?

Here is my workable index.tsx route: import { Handlers, PageProps } from "$fresh/server.ts"; export const handler: Handlers<Data> = { GET(req, ctx) { const a = 'hello' ...
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Why is this VBA script corrupting files?

I've created a VBA script to save an xlsx file as a semi-colon-del CSV format, but unfortunately, it's corrupting the output/CSV file when it saves (in notebook I see only PK ). Can anyone give me ...
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Trying to figure out what is adding strange formatting to my code. I thought it was Prettier, but deactivated it and it was still doing it

Before save: `['bud_1', 'pm_1', 'apm'].forEach((field) => { let user = this.generalData.users.find((i) => i.sage_id == row[field]) if (user) { row[`${field}_name`] = ...
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Emmet missing semicolon inside css media query in Sublime Text 4

Emmet autocomplete doesn't add semicolon after css rules inside media query. div { display: none; } @media (max-width: 991.98px) { div { display: none } } Outside media query ...
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TypeScript auto semicolon in WebStorm

I'm new at this world, and I'm trying to configure my WebStorm as similar as possible to Visual Studio Code, where I learned to code. WebStorm is the IDE in my new company and is totally new for me. ...
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JetBrains IDEs: How to add semicolon automatically?

Is there a way to add semicolons automatically when inserting a function in JetBrains IDEs? such as Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA etc. (in the example here I am using Flutter in Android Studio) ...
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How to fix missing semicolon error automatically visual studio c# [closed]

How to fix semicolon missing errors automatically c#. I have an old project in which semicolon missing in most of the lines. how to include the missing semicolons automatically using visual studio or ...
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Why does a multiline comment cause automatic semicolon insertion?

I was very surprised by the following behavior f1 = (x) => { return /* Comment on x. */ x } f2 = (x) => { return /* Comment on x. */ x } console.log(f1(1)) // =&...
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How can I automatically insert semicolons at every optional location while typing?

Summary I recently discovered that VSCode has this remarkable feature that allows you to define fine-tuned automatic white-space and optional character handling behaviors which are applied to your ...
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Can I get some simplified explanation about semi-colon use in php? [duplicate]

I have seen some articles explaining that a semi colon is not required in the last line of a PHP code due to the closing PHP tag (?>). Is this the case or is there any other theory around it?
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How to add semicolons to Dart code on save automatically?

I am coming from languages that don't use semicolons by default and I keep forgetting adding them all the time. Also it's annoying to type ; all the time. Is there any VS Code plugin that will add ...
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how to remove semicolon at the end of element from text file to list

How to remove this semicolon(;) from a text file. content of my text file: 201911007,1,28; 201203008,1,28; 199710014,1,28; 201612010,1,28; 201710017,1,28; Then python reads it it ...
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Why VScode creating new line on entering each character?

While typing each character, vscode puts a semicolon and move to the next line. Here I used to type 'import' but it appears as ' i; m; p; o; r; t; '. How can I solve this problem? This is how the ...
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Javascript automatic semicolon insertion for do-while statements

Since ES6, a new case has been added for rule 1 of automatic semicolon insertion: The previous token is ) and the inserted semicolon would then be parsed as the terminating semicolon of a do-...
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Can someone explain me how the "empty statement" in javaScript is affected from "Automatic Semicolon Insertion"

Can someone explain me how the "empty statement" in javaScript is affected from "Automatic Semicolon Insertion" The MDN website states that the empty statement is affected from automatic semicolon ...
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google app script export csv with semicolon instead of comma

I am using the code below to export a google spreadsheet to CSV in a specific folder. I need to have a semicolon (;) as delimiter instead of a comma (,) function saveAsCSV() { var ss = SpreadsheetApp....
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Error in omitting semicolon - can someone explain why?

Can someone please explain why if I omit the semicolon in the line while(nums[right-1] == nums[right--]);that I get a syntax error? I generally understand the point of semicolons, but why this ...
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Convert comma to semi-colon for the certain part of the string using PHP

I have a string which is such like, $input = "div-item-2,4,maintype:social| heading:sdfsdf| social: 1, 2, 3 | table:Social| item:3| align:vertical| style:icon| isactive:1,8,0"; I would like to ...
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How to transform a file from Excel format (.xlsx) into a .csv (semicolon) separated values?

I'm trying to transform an Excel file into a .csv (semicolon) separated file. I now that there is a way to transform the file using the function "concatenate" (indeed I used this method) I took me a ...
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How to prevent vue-cli project from automatically adding semi-colons

I just created a new vue-cli project using vue create my-project-name and although i manually didn't install eslint still when i save a javascript file without semi-colons they automatically get added,...
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Is this valid automatic semicolon insertion?

I've been fiddling with JavaScript, and I found some behavior I don't understand. The problem seems to be with automatic semicolon insertion (ASI), but, to me, it looks like ASI is misbehaving. The ...
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Is there a special character to prevent ASI

When writing Javascript without semicolons, \n becomes the idiomatic statement terminator, but sometimes it is actually not, which I would like to express in my code. So is there a special character ...
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Why are semicolons omitted in all my source js files?

I'm starting a web project in Aptana and have downloaded bootstrap (v 3.3.7) and jQuery (compressed). When I imported the files into my js folder, all the files came up with a warning sign and the ...
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How do I enable unnecessary semicolon warnings in JSHint?

Right now if I have: console.log; I don't get a warning from JSHint. I'd like to start using the standard of not using semicolons unnecessarily, and I'd appreciate a little help from JSHint. Is ...
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Why a semicolon is necessary here?

I realise in the following JavaScript code, we need to add a ; just after $('#myButton').click(function() {}) to let $('.lala').myFunction() to be called. $('#myButton').click(function() {}) (...
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Why do some programming languages allow semicolons to be automatically included? [closed]

Languages such as C++ will not work if semicolons are forgotten but other languages such as JavaScript will automatically include them for you. I know from this article Do you recommend using ...
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Do parentheses prevent semicolon insertion?

Say that I want to set a bunch of variables equal to null (and don't want to use an array/loop structure) or maybe I just want to write a large boolean expression across multiple lines. Does an ...
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Does automatic semi-colon insertion in JS affect for loops with the first { on a new line?

Will JS auto semi-colon insertion place a semi-colon at the end of for(...) like I've placed in the following example or is it safe to break the bracket onto a new line with for loops? for(...); { ...
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No semicolon before [] is causing error in JavaScript

var a = [1, 2, 3, 4]; var b = [10, 20, 30, 40]; console.log([a, b].length) [a, b].some(function(x) { x.push(x.shift()) }); I was extremely surprised today when this code caused [a,b]....
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Automatic Semicolon Insertion in JavaScript without parsing [closed]

I'm writing a JavaScript preprocessor which automatically inserts semicolons in places where it's necessary. Don't ask why. Now I know that the general way to tackle this problem is to write a ...
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Automatic semicolon insertion & return statements [duplicate]

As you might know, ECMAscript tries to be smart and will automatically insert semicolons if you didn't write those explicitly. Simple example function foo() { var bar = 5 return bar } will ...
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Can Resharper add a semicolon to my javascript function declaration?

Using Visual Studio 2012, Resharper 7.0.1 If I'm editing JavaScript, and I type the following (| = cursor position): this.myFunction = function() {| .. Resharper will add the closing brace for me: ...
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Put semicolons in asi mode before brackets

I'm linting my JavaScript with JSHint, and have this option enabled "asi": true, "white": true to avoid semicolons in my code. But I have to begin my new line with a bracket, so I have to put a ...
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I've heard Javascript inserts ";" automatically and that may cause problems [duplicate]

I've also heard that Go insert them too, but they followed a different approach How does Javascript insert semicolons while interpreting?
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What are the rules for JavaScript's automatic semicolon insertion (ASI)?

Well, first I should probably ask if this is browser dependent. I've read that if an invalid token is found, but the section of code is valid until that invalid token, a semicolon is inserted before ...
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