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Reading a boost histograms in python

I need to read some pkl files containing a boost-histogram each. can u tell where i'm doing wrong. That's the first time I use python but I think i've understood what pickling is, but now i can't see ...
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Using `dask` to fill `boost_histograms` stored in class in parallel

I have an dask -boost_histogram question. I have a code structure as follows: I have a class defined in some script: class MyHist: def __init__(....): = None def make_hist(.....
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Is it possible to inherit from boost::histogram and set axes at runtime?

I am trying to replace a proprietary histogram implementation with boost::histogram but I am stuck. Is it possible to inherit from boost::histogram and set axes at runtime?
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Writing a boost-histogram to a root file created in uproot

I am currently trying to read in a ROOT tree with uproot, book and fill histograms with boost-histogram and write these back out to a new ROOT file. This seems to work very well for the bin contents, ...
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Empirical probability with boost histogram

I have a boost::histogram with 100 bins over the range [-3.5,3.5]. I fill it with a data vector qp. Since I work with periodic BC all the values of q in qp are in [-3.5,3.5]. auto h = boost::...
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Converting existing numpy histograms into boost-histograms

I have a lot of numpy (1d) histograms. Each of them was created like this: bin_height, bin_edges = np.histogram(data) What is the best way to turn them into boost-histograms?
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