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CallFire Inc. is a cloud telephony services provider, providing business-oriented voice and SMS enablement

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Why am I getting 400 bad request error in this node.js code?

Can anyone help me with this node.js code? I deployed and ran it but getting 400 bad request. Here is the code: const express = require("express"); const app = express(); const bodyParser = ...
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Service to receive SMS messages from short codes?

So I need to programmatically receive text messages from a shortcode. Twilio does not support this. Anybody know a service like Twilio but that is able to receive SMS messages from a short code sender?...
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How to transfer a call using the PHP-SDK v2 API

I've been in communication with the CallFire developers via email and really appreciate the help. I have a question about a send call method from the example from the generated PHP-SDK v2 examples....
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How can we write Unit/Integration tests for callfire-api-client on Java?

Twilio has test credentials for integration test to make sure that the request is properly built. What's the alternative at Callfire? I went through the documentation but in didn't find anything.
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call fire inbound ivr with php

I want to create inbound IVR script in which some part of XML come from PHP. case scenario is like this customer call a given number and would get transfer to agency number but the agency number ...
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Fetch Callfire form values using Callfire REST api

I have went through and cannot find any endpoint or webhook which retrieves the form values entered by the agent while on call. Kindly assist.
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List of possible events for use in Webhooks method

I would like to create a webhook using callfire's api on outbound calls when the "transfer digit" is pressed by the user. The webhooks method is found here:
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Passing a URL into a JSON array

I'm attempting to execute a curl statement in PHP that uses a JSON array. I'll post my code below with a little explanation of what im trying to do function doPost($url, $user, $password, $params) { ...
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unable to send out voice broadcast with callfire REST API

I'm trying to send out an outbound call with the callfire REST API and am having some difficulty doing so. Here's my code (adapted from ...
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Required Hep for Call 2 way connection and call using new REST API 1.1

We are using Call fire API in our application. We are moving to new REST API platform. We need to connect / call with 2 numbers(two way connection). With previous library we were using ...
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Why is my CallFire phone number not available after I've placed an order via API

I have a scala client that talk to the CallFire API. I can't find anything in the documentation about having a phone number be immediately available (accept phone calls) after placing an order from ...
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PHP CallFire SDK - Authentication and Request/Response problems

Disclaimer: php novice student working really hard here. I'm trying to build an app that interacts with the CallFire API. At this point all I'm trying to achieve is establishing a communication ...
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