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Carbon is an experimental programming language. It is a successor for C++, and is designed around interoperability with C++. It allows for large-scale adoption and migration of existing C++ codebases and developers.

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Why is clang/llvm throwing me this error using Bazel while building carbon

So I am trying to build carbon-lang i have done everything, installed clang/llvm it works fine but when I run the command bazel run //explorer -- ./explorer/testdata/print/format_only.carbon it gives ...
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error while loading shared libraries:

I am building a docker container for compiling a mix of rust, carbon and c. Everything seems to work until running main.carbon and call the function of my rust library. Although the import seems valid....
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How to print more than one value in the same line?

A simple example Print("This is a number {0}", 1) // results in 4 How can I print 1 2 3 in the same line? I have tried Print(1, 2, 3) // Does not work The forloop also does not work. The ...
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How to perform pointer arithmetic?

I'm new to the Carbon language, how to perform pointer arithmetic? Is this even possible? p = p + 1; => COMPILATION ERROR: <source>:11: type error in `+`: could not find implementation of ...
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Slices vs Arrays in Carbon language

What are the differences between Array and Slice in Carbon? I find a document from the official repo. However, it is uncompleted currently. The following are example codes from the Carbon official ...
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