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cdk8s allows you to define kubernetes apps and components using familiar programming languages.

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How to modify "runAsNonRoot" option for a Container with cdk8s

i am atm trying to get familiar with cdk8s and try to deploy a container to a cluster. All this is working fine until i want to run the container as root user (i know it's not best practice but i want ...
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Getting started example of golang cdk8s throws error: `undefined: constructs.ConstructOptions`

Very simple question. I copy pasted the golang examples of cdk8s right from the documentation. Source. Detail of the error below. I went to the pkg.go site for cdk8s and did not find this type. I'm ...
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How to access a MinIO instance within a Kubernetes cluster?

I've deployed a MinIO server on Kubernetes with cdk8s, used minio1 as serviceId and exposed port 9000. My expectations were that I could access it using http://minio1:9000, but my MinIO server is ...
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How to set capabilities for a container in cdk8s?

In YAML I'd do this: securityContext: capabilities: add: - NET_ADMIN Example in k8:
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CDK8s Deploy results in a "Unexpected token A in JSON at position 0"

Any idea about this issue? node -v v12.19.0 npm --version 8.13.2 cdk8s import --language python /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cdk8s-cli/node_modules/cdk8s/lib/api-object.js:28 = props....
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ArgoCD with Bitnami Sealed Secrets

I am trying to install sealedsecrets as an app to argocd. I have all my sealedsecrets yaml files stored in eee_ops. But I am facing 2 problems a) sync keeps failing in my argocd app as the resource ...
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Is it possible to specify AWS resources in cdk8s?

It looks like cdk8s gets synthesized only to Kubernetes manifest files. CDK can manage AWS resources directly, such as EKS clusters, security groups and IAM roles and policies. Is it possible to have ...
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How to assign a public ip to a pod on dedicated servers

I have applications needs to give each pod a public ip and expose ports on this public ip. I am trying not to use virtual machines. matellb has similar feature. But, it binds a address to a service ...
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Separate output files of cdk8s synth

The following code will create one yaml file dist/clusterip.k8s.yaml contains all my defines of deployment and statefulset, is there way to separate different files in output such as dist/clusterip....
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Separate Service for same Statefulset replica pods

I have a simple Statefulset with 3 replicas/pods. the pg-master-0 is the actual master and the rest (pg-master-1 and pg-master2) are standby servers or slaves. Please ignore the naming i'll be ...
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Is it possible to create a Cloudfromation template to deploy to AWS EKS?

I mean, I have an application which is already dockerized, can I provide a cloudformation template to deploy it on the EKS cluster of my client?
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