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Create helm chart on the fly

I have a requirement to create helm charts in a Jenkins pipeline. As I understand, helmfile makes it easier to deploy helm charts across environments, but it does not help create helm charts. I have ...
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Chartify: how to pass a Selenium WebDriver?

The following example should work, but it requires the selenium package (as I understand, under the hood chartify builds an interactive chart using the bokeh package and takes a screenshot with ...
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How do I add grid lines to Chartify plots?

How do I add grid lines to a Chartify plot? This is what my code looks like: ch = chartify.Chart(blank_labels=True, x_axis_type="linear") ch.plot... (plotting my data)"png")
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Adding Legend to Grouped Bar Chart in Chartify

I have the following Chartify code snippet. ch = chartify.Chart(blank_labels=True, x_axis_type='categorical', layout="slide_100%") ch.set_title("Grouped bar chart") ch.set_subtitle( "Pass a list ...
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How to display data from two columns in chartify heatmap?

Using the example from the documentation, the heatmap is built and displays the total_price in each cell. I want to add data from another column, e.g. 'fruit' to be displayed below the total_price in ...
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How to install chartify on jupyter notebook?

I am unable to install and use spotify's visualization module which is called chartify. In the installation it claims I only need to pip3 install it which I did ...
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Python Chartify Library: chromedriver permission issues

I am trying to use the Python library Chartify (Py3) though when I try to show my graph as 'png' I get an error. # Generate example data data = chartify.examples.example_data() # Plot the data ...
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656 views - Chartify

I'm trying the new library(Chartify) provided by Spotify Team. On running the code below, I'm receiving the following error: import chartify import pandas as pd file = "./data/Social_Network_Ads.csv" ...
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How to add multiple Y axis with chartify to draw Elbow curves

I'd like to create a line chart but with 2 distinct Y axis with a different scale to replace this piece of code which generates 2 charts: ch = chartify.Chart(blank_labels=True) ch.set_title("Elbow ...
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How do I set the order of a grouped bar chart with Chartify?

How can users change the order of the grouped bars in the example below? ch = chartify.Chart(blank_labels=True, x_axis_type='categorical') data_frame=quantity_by_fruit_and_country, ...
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